Top Ten Posts of 2017


top ten blog posts

2017 has come to a close! We wanted to share our 10 most popular blog posts that were published this past year. We hope you enjoy re-visiting them as much as we did!


Jazzercise Advice from First Timers

Jazzercise Tips and

“Exercise and motherhood are not always two words that go well together. It can be a real struggle to make time for work, family life, and self-care. Tough as it may be, we know that taking care of our bodies must be a priority. Josilyn and Tasha were both ready to jump into a new program that would help them get moving, strengthen their postpartum bodies, and focus on self-care. In came Jazzercise!”


Mom Confessions: I Am Addicted To My Phone

“I am a mother of two young children and I am completely addicted to my phone. There, I said it, and that’s half the battle, right?


Ten Parenting Truths They Don’t Tell You at the Baby Shower

Ten Parenting Truths

“So, in case you are listening and you do want to know what you are getting yourself into before you become a parent, here are ten parenting truths that I have learned over the years.”


Tired Moms Sometimes Have Meltdowns and That’s Perfectly Okay

tired moms have meltdowns“Then, out of nowhere, I was actually melting down. I opened the door the to the porch and this tired mom threw all four of our barstools out of the kitchen. The boys stood there, mouths open in disbelief.”


Here’s to Second Chances and My Blended Family

second chances, blended family

“However, I will say this: I was lost; I was lonely and instead of putting the effort into fixing what was wrong with my relationship, I chose to run away. I’m sorry for that. But, life has an uncanny way of working itself out.”


My Brother’s Lasting Legacy: His Love for Vermont

Vermont Love

“So, three weeks later- in mid-May, with a 1-year-old and 2-year-old in tow (along with my mom and my other older brother) I embarked on the nine-hour ride to Morrisville, VT and encountered the most beautiful place I’d ever seen… under the saddest of circumstances.”


My Exclusively Breastfed Baby and the Time I Needed a Wet Nurse

“So you might be thinking A wet nurse? Really? Isn’t that a thing of the past? An outdated practice? Nope, and it turned out to be the best thing for my family.”


Raising My Biracial Babies While Living in Vermont

Raising My Biracial Babies While Living in Vermont

“Despite living in the 21st century, a time when there is growing diversity, a multitude of ethnic backgrounds and differences congregating in every coffee shop, mall, and workplace, ignorant yet naive questions continue to be asked.”


What It Means to Be An Advanced Maternal Age Mama in America

“Advanced Maternal Age – what does it really mean? Well, in America, if you are having your baby after the age of 37, it means more tests and doctor visits, as well as discussions about genetic abnormalities and choices to make if any of those abnormalities were to be discovered. It means non-stress tests and sonograms every week beyond a certain point in the pregnancy. It means that a lot more medical attention is paid to the development of your baby.”


Caring for Older Parents: Things I Wish I Had Done Sooner

Elderly Parents 1

“Now that I’m knee-deep in planning for my parents’ long-term care in their golden years, I’m learning so much that I wish I had taken the time to find out before it became urgent. For those of you out there who have older parents, please take the time now to talk with them about their physical, emotional, and financial situations before it’s too late.”


We look forward to a new year with all of you, and can’t wait to see what amazing content our contributors share with us all next! Thank you for reading!


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