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{Disclaimer: We have partnered together with The Edge to bring you this sponsored post on their Kids & Fitness school programs.}

Are you still looking for childcare or a preschool option for your little one? Look no further than The Edge Kids and Fitness!

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Their mission is to provide a warm and nurturing environment that allows them to develop a trusting and respectful relationship with families, to foster the social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth of each child, and to promote wellness and healthy living.

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The Edge Kids & Fitness program provides academic instruction combined with extracurricular activities including Tennis, Swimming, Soccer, Climbing Wall, & Dance to create a unique childcare experience that sets it apart from other local options.

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Their curriculum reflects their commitment to what they believe is the best practice in Early Childhood Education. Their goal is to create an environment that is rich in language and learning opportunities. It is a blend of teacher-directed and individual learning experiences where each child is challenged at a level they can meet. This provides for successful learning experiences and stimulates a positive attitude toward education. Learning is taking place in everything the children do, and they want the children to enjoy learning. Through observation and real life experiences, children become familiar and comfortable with differences and similarities in the world around them. Ultimately, this leads to acceptance and respect.


They provide developmentally appropriate, child-centered classrooms that encourage hands-on learning. Each classroom is divided into interest areas designed to create interactions that support emotional, social, intellectual, and physical development on a daily basis. Their educators facilitate, observe, and encourage your child to explore their environment to enrich their learning experiences.

The Edge Kids & Fitness have three programs to choose from:

Infant Program: our environment is designed for infants to learn about themselves, their feelings, forming relationships with others, communication & thinking skills.
Toddler Program: We provide a nurturing, safe, secure and empowering environment designed to give toddlers opportunities to make choices, pursue their own questions & concerns, make connections and be successful.
Preschool Program: We provide a nurturing, safe, secure and empowering environment designed to foster the social, emotional, cognitive & physical development through direct instruction and guidance of professional educators.

And with three different locations (South Burlington, Essex and Williston) you are sure to find something that works for your family! Contact them today to learn more!


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