The Best Local Beaches Around Burlington!


What screams summer more than a beach a visit?! We are blessed to live in a state with so much natural beauty; from mountains to beaches.

Our team has come together to create a list of our favorite local beaches around Burlington and why we love them!

local beaches

1. Leddy Beach

This beach is great because of it’s proximity to Burlington and is much less crowded than North Beach. It can be easily accessed from the bike path, which can make for a fun day excursion!

2. North Beach

This beach is also great because of it’s proximity to Burlington but it can often be overcrowded and full of college kids. Because it’s so close it can make a great “quick trip to the beach”! There is also a great playground for the kids. You can also rent a canoe, kayak, etc. from Canoe Imports.

3. Oakledge Park

Oakledge Park is located in the South End of Burlington and is a great pick for a family day! It has a fabulous playground, a great beach area and a fun treehouse that you have to explore. The beach can definitely get crowded, especially on the weekends.

4. Thayer Beach

These beach is a hit with our family! You don’t have to pay, but there is a bit of a trek through the woods to get to the beach area. It’s great for kids of all ages! Go early though because it gets pretty busy.

5. Waterbury Reservoir

This beach is easily accessible and toddler-friendly. There are picnic tables and trees for shade. There are also beautiful little hiking trails along the water appropriate for little ones. You can also rent stand up paddle boards, canoes, and kayaks.

6. Lake Iroquois

Lake Iroquois is a private beach. You have to either buy a pass or pay a daily fee to enter. The beach is small, and there is no lifeguard. It is a gently sloping sandy hill, and the water gets deep gradually. There is a public restroom, a small playground, and occasionally, a snack bar. There are shady spots, a small grassy hill, and plenty of permanent grills. It is clean and beautiful, and rarely busy on weekdays. It’s also very close to the Isham Family Farm- and we love stopping to pick blueberries on our way home from the beach.

7. Branbury at Lake Dunmore

This is a great beach for the little and BIGS! It has a sandy area and long shallow area, and a large grassy area for blankets. Some shady areas and picnic tables. Boating opportunities on the open lake. It is clean and quiet.

8. Sandbar State Park

This beach is great! There is a grassy area at the end which is usually much less crowded. We also take our kayak and love paddling there and coming back to the beach for a swim and picnic. The beach is typically clean and it also has a lot of trees for shade if needed.

9. Alburg Dunes

Alburg Dunes State Park is visually beautiful! I love that this beach has really shallow water so it is great for the younger ones. The beach is very clean and has soft white sand. They also have canoe and kayak rentals, bbq grills, picnic tables. It’s worth the drive for a day trip.

What’s your favorite beach to visit?


  1. St. Albans bay is a pretty great beach. Not a lot of sand though but plenty of grass and a big playground. Basketball court and tennis court. There is a big building open to the public that has picnic tables inside of you need a break from the sun. Also has free wifi if your near the building so we can put pandora on and enjoy some music. I have never had to pay to go but not sure if that is true. We tend to go in the late afternoon early evening so I’m not sure about paying in the morning. I love this beach and so does my family. Beats north beach any day!


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