Summer Bucket List

There may be several inches of snow lingering in our  yard, yes, and the forecast is not due to break 40 any time soon (sob), but that’s not stopping me from daydreaming about all of the wonderful things I want to do this summer.
As I mentioned in my introduction, John and I moved here a little over 18 months ago. That first summer, we were homeless nomads, essentially just trying to hang on until we could find a house to buy and move in to (although I did learn about and visit Shelburne Museum in probably my first week living in Vermont!).
(Babies: More interested in the grass than the awesome boat in the background.)
Last summer we were settled in our home, but still stuck pretty close to the house in terms of our adventures and exploring. Also, Xander was just two and very dependent on that long afternoon nap. But this year! This year I want to go do all those fun things that one does when living in or visiting Vermont. Here is what’s on my list so far:
  1. Ben and Jerry’s: This one is a no brainer. I’m not sure who will love the ice-cream tour more, me or my son, but it will be well worth the drive to enjoy that cone from the source.
  2. Train ride to Montshire Museum: We were spoiled in San Diego and had access to lots of museums, many of which had free admission days. I’ve heard lots of wonderful things about Montshire and have wanted to visit it for a while. This year Xander is old enough (and Luna young enough), and like many nearly three year old boys, Xander LOVES trains. I want to make a day trip out of it.
  3. Stowe Bike Path: We’ve made the trek to Stowe a few times, but the one time we tried to go down the paved path, it was cold and raining. I’d like another go at it, and then perhaps a stop by the malt shop.
  4. Indian Brook Park: This is practically in our backyard, and I’m ashamed to say that we’ve never been. We love taking hikes and nature walks, though, and I’m sure the kids would love to splash in the water to cool off. We’ll bring a nice picnic lunch, too.
  5. Montpelier: We have never been to the capital! I think this would make another fun day trip.
  6.  State Parks: There are MANY state parks to visit, and I doubt we’ll get to all of them. I’ll probably try to stick to ones within a two hour drive or less.
  7. Canada: So technically this is not a LOCAL trip, but we’re so close! And I’ve never been. I want to take a weekend to visit Montreal, take the kids to the zoo, and, OF COURSE, go to Ikea.
  8. Boston: Another regional trip. This we may do in the early fall, when my parents are planning a trip to see fall leaves. There are lots of things we could do here, so I’m not even sure what I want to do in Boston, except eat some really wonderful sea food.
  9. New Hampshire: Sure, this may not seem like the most thrilling summer trip, but I’m a Trader Joe’s junkie, and there happens to be on here. So. You know. Important. (Two Buck Chuck, anyone?)
What am I leaving off? I am looking for family/kid friendly activities and places that aren’t too far to drive to with a preschooler and an infant. Luna will happy in the baby carrier, and Xander will be walking, so probably no mountain climbing. What are your favorite local/regional things to do when the weather is nice?


  1. I wouldn’t scrap hiking! Though my husband and I have hiked 25 miles a day on months long hikes, we have now adjusted our expectations. We take our three year old hiking all the time. We pick a trail, pack alunch and go. The difference is that we only hike a half mile or so, all the while collecting rocks and sticks and playing hide and seek. Our son loves it and spends the whole time on his feet. He loves to be outside and frequently asks to go hiking.

  2. We have been planning our move to Vermont for a long time now (almost a year!) and finally arrived last week! I just took a look at the list and it looks like a lot of fun. Although we are familiar with the Burlington area, I did not realize you could take a train to Montshire Museum. My two and a half year old would love that. Thanks for sharing! We will definitly be checking that out!

  3. We actually made our own summer bucket list and here are a few: (P.S. I know you said no mountain climbing but how about hiking? We have a hiking back pack for our July 2010 toddler and she loves it! I also just bought one for our December baby. )

    Enosburg & Newport both have bike paths also
    Fairbanks museum
    Cabot Factory tour
    We are hiking Mt Pisgah in Willoughby at least once
    We also have a trip to Lincoln, NH planned to hit the flume, clarks and the polar caves!

    Last summer we did Shelburne Musuem, Kenz was so/so with it but we really enjoyed it.

    Have a fun summer!


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