Spring Cleaning Your Garage


Spring Clean Garage 13

It’s finally here – Spring!

Spring symbolizes new beginning and what better way to start fresh than to spring clean your garage! It’s warm enough to get outside to tackle this project. Pick a weekend – you may need both Saturday and Sunday to complete. I’m at my best in the morning so I’d be out there at 7:30 am. I suggest you pick a time that you are most productive.

First things first, take EVERYTHING out of your garage and put it either in the driveway or yard.

If you have pop-up tents, consider using them to protect from outdoor elements. Sort all your things into like-item piles. Isn’t it amazing how much stuff we have?

Before evaluating your things, clean the garage. Sweep, dust, etc all surfaces. Remember that old cliche? A happy space is a clean space.

Now it’s time to evaluate all the stuff you have.

Ask Yourself These Simple Questions When Purging:

  • Have I (or we) used this in the last year?
  • If I were shopping right now, would I buy it?
  • Is there a realistic plan to use it?
  • Does it fit in our living space?

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, it’s time to donate that item.

  •  Is the only reason why I’m keeping this is because I spent a lot of money on it?
  • Am I holding onto it for sentimental value?
  • Do we have a similar item that has the same purpose?
  • Is it broken?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, it’s time to ‘let it go’.


  • Any trash should be discarded immediately.
  • Considering a Yard Sale?  Ask yourself this tough question – Will I really do it?  Answer honestly.  If you know you won’t, it’s okay.  Simply donate your items to Goodwill, Salvation Army or the Resource store.  (Here’s a complete list of possible locations)
  • The easiest way to organize is to purge!

Putting it all back together:

Another cliche here – everything in it’s place.  But seriously, this will make your life easier.  You can even use visual aids as reminders.

  • Consider taping off a parking spot for yourself and the kiddos bikes and trikes.

Spring Clean Garage 12

  • Use vertical space to optimize room in your garage.

Spring Clean Garage 3

  • Make it easy to put things away because if it’s not, you won’t.

Spring Clean Garage 6

  • Keep things visible, available and easily accessible.

Spring Clean Garage 4

  • Store your stuff in containers with labels.
  • I love using plastic totes because it makes everything look uniform, providing a clean look.

Spring Clean Garage 7

  • I suggest storing by season – Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.
  • Clearly label the totes and consider making a list of it’s contents on the outside of it.  There’s an app for that as well.

All of these storage solutions can also be used in your basement or shed.  Go ahead and tackle that clutter!

spring cleaning your garage

Happy Organizing!

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