See Kai Run: Above and Beyond Your Average Shoe!


{Disclaimer: We are working with See Kai Run to bring you this post, however, all opinions are our own!}

See Kai Run shoes are my favorite shoes for my kids. Have you tried them yet?

I know I’m not the only one who loves See Kai Run shoes around here. Our team loves them too and during some of our larger events the raffle prizes with See Kai Run gift certificates are always some of the most sought after. What makes these shoes so special and so much better than others? See Kai Run shoes are engineered specifically for a child’s foot, which is constantly growing and changing. Their designs promote healthy foot development and are flexible, which help develop proper balance, gait and stride. Their broad toe boxes give kiddos’ toes room to move. They offer an array of shoes for babies, little kids, and big kids. Plus they are super cute and Caroline, my 4 year-old, loves picking shoes from their fun designs and colors.

When See Kai Run sent me their Summer catalogue, I knew quickly I wanted to get Caroline and Augie, my 22 month old, each a pair of boots for mud season, I mean spring, and then a couple pairs of shoes perfect for summer, aka outdoor activities and water play! For each of them I chose a pair of the Montlake boots, Saylor sneakers, and Lincoln III sandals.

If you have been in Vermont lately you know that our ground is still covered in snow. We had a brief warm up a month ago where it seemed that the ground was going to thaw so we were able to test out the boots, but after two more snow storms we had to get creative to try out the sneakers and sandals. We ended up heading to a local garden center and had some fun there. Both Caroline and Augie have worn each pair of shoes, however Augie will not cooperate for pictures, so you’ll only be seeing Caroline in this post!

Read on to see our thoughts about each shoe!

Montlake Boots

The Montlake boot is a waterproof  boot made from lightweight, ripstop nylon. It has a durable, rubber sneaker sole which is great for traction and safe footing on slick surfaces. The Montlake Boot features slip-on design and pull loops make on/off easy and rubber toe cap for added protection.

Caroline chose berry for her boots and I chose navy for Augie.

During play

Of the three types of shoes we received from See Kai Run, the Montlake boots are my favorite (so far!) Y’all, every kid in Vermont (or anywhere where spring is also known as mud season) needs these boots. We have had tons of other rain/mud boots, but they are usually made out of plastic/rubber and their soles have nothing on the Montlake boot. I love that the sole is just like See Kai Run’s sneakers. Caroline and Augie (not pictured) have already spent hours wearing these boots running around and playing. They are waterproof and during that warm up a few weeks ago these boots were able to hold up to the mud. I also really appreciate that Caroline can pull these shoes on and off by herself. Caroline loves the pink and Augie loves that he can be her twin.


The Saylor sneaker is pretty neat. It’s the shape of a classic sneaker made out of mesh and canvas with a removable sock liner that makes it the perfect lightweight shoe for water and land activities. It has a herringbone lug pattern on the sole that provides great traction during play and has a build in rubber toe cap for added protection. There is a hook-and-loop strap and faux laces that provide a secure adjustable fit.

See Kai Run sneakers
Caroline chose hot pink and I chose green for Augie.

During Play

Of the three pairs of shoes I picked out for each of my kiddos, I was most excited for them to try out the Saylor sneaker. It just seemed like the perfect combination of a lightweight summer shoe and sneaker. I am happy to report that the Saylor sneaker has lived up to my hopes. Because we are still in the middle of winter here in VT we haven’t been able to see everything these babies can do, but Caroline reports they are super comfortable and that it’s like she isn’t even wearing shoes. However, she is able to run, jump, and kick in them like she can do in any other sneaker. The sock liner goes in and out of the shoe easily. I imagine these will be perfect walking to the neighborhood pool, playing at the park, jumping on the trampoline, and trips to the lake. Augie runs hot, all of the time and prefers not to wear shoes in the summer… I think with the Saylor sneakers we have a shot of keeping his tootsies protected!

Lincoln III

The Lincoln III is a sporty closed-toe sandal that features a soft textile lining and cushioned foot bed, and is made from durable water-friendly materials. This sandal has a rubber sole designed for traction and flexibility and a rubber toe cap for added protection. The toe box promotes healthy development. The sandal also has two points of hook-and-loop adjustability for a custom fit.

See Kai Run sandals
Caroline chose pink for her sandals and I chose blue for Augie.

During Play

Caroline had these sandals last summer and we loved them. When I looked at See Kai Run’s summer catalogue and saw that the Lincoln III sandal was returning this season it was a no brainer to get both Caroline and Augie a pair. What I love most about these sandals is that my kids can wear them in really any setting that the spring and summer presents. Because of their soles and the extra protection around the toe they are fantastic for walks through the woods, navigating rocky terrain around the lake, and running, jumping and dancing. They are water friendly, so last year Caroline wore them a ton on our vacation to Cape Cod and then here at home around Lake Champlain. My favorite feature about these sandals are that you can adjust them in two places. In the pictures below the pair of sandals we got were actually probably a 1/2 size too large, but once we adjusted that back strap they were a perfect fit. Caroline thought they were so comfy in fact she wore them outside in 30 degree weather on our way to the Garden Center! 

The Verdict

Our new summer See Kai Run shoes did not disappoint. I have had to tell Caroline more than once that we need the weather to get warmer so that she can wear her new sneakers and sandals outside. She sighs but then says, “That’s okay! At least I’ve got my boots!” Caroline, Augie and I can’t recommend See Kai Run enough, and when I asked Caroline what she thought people should know about her new shoes, she said, “They are mine! My friends can’t have them, they need to get their own! Mom tell Carly!”

So here I am telling you. Your kids need these shoes for all their summer adventures, so get them while you can!


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