Savoring the Moments of Mommyhood


My little girl is growing up. There is no denying that fact. As much as I may try and stop it, I lament about it, and I longingly wish for past stages of infancy, I cannot escape it. I watch her parade around our living room reveling in her new found independence as she repeatedly takes her snow boots of and on by herself, puts on her sweater over and over, and zips up her purse just because she can. I’m reminded of this truth when she bucks at my assistance and demands that she do things on her own, even if she can’t quite do it as well as me. I’m reminded of this truth as my husband comes home from Ikea with Nora’s big girl bed and I begin to think about how I’m going to go about potty training her.

At times this can cause me to grieve the loss of my little baby. Where did she go? How did it all go so quickly? At other times it can utterly frustrate me as I watch her struggle and get frustrated as she tries to do something on her own but absolutely WILL NOT let me intervene. But lately I’ve been trying to allow these moments to remind me to savor the moments of mommyhood. All too often I find myself wishing or wasting my days away as I get bogged down with the daily routines, frustrations, and tasks of motherhood. I need to remember that time is, indeed, fleeting and my child will not be a child forever. I long to learn how to savor these moments and phases of childhood rather than longing for the past or the future.

So as I watch my child take her snow boots off and on for the millionth time today, I’m reminding myself to delight right along side her with her new found independence. As I watch her strip herself of her clothes and I find myself about to get frustrated that I can’t keep her clothed for longer than a few minutes, I want to take those opportunities to laugh and smile with her and allow her to beam at me and look at me with those eyes that scream, “I’m a big girl mommy!”

And as I get ready to welcome baby #2 in the spring, I want to make the choice to savor the moments of late night feedings, a baby sleeping on my chest, and rocking a restless infant because time is fleeting and babies don’t keep.


[typography font=”Delius Swash Caps” size=”18″ size_format=”px”]Have any of you mommas experienced something similar as you see how quickly time is passing?[/typography]


  1. Good reminder. I too need to slow down and just enjoy my little (for now) boy. Also, to just enjoy this time of life as I know the day will come when I no longer have a baby to hold at home. Thanks Nissa!


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