Remember, We Support All Moms!


This week is World Breastfeeding Week. We love having the chance to show support for all moms who choose to breastfeed- no matter how long, in public, with a nursing cover, without a cover- however  and how long you choose to nurse, we want you to know that we support you!

One way we did this was by helping to put on the Big Latch On event this last week in Burlington as part of the global latch on events that happened all around the world! We were honored to be a part of it and are so thankful that Mini Mi Photography captured so many beautiful images of the event.

Breastfeeding can be a beautiful, wonderful thing for mothers and babies and we are honored that so many of you sent in your pictures of your own breastfeeding experiences!

While we know that breastfeeding can be an amazing experience for many women, we also know that breastfeeding can bring up a lot of raw emotions for mothers. Whether you struggled to breastfeed (like I did), have felt ostracized for choosing to formula feed, pump exclusively, etc.

Please know, that while we support breastfeeding this week, we also support you.

We want all of us to remember that we are in this together mommas, no matter what our personal parenting choices and styles may look like! So rather than focusing on the differences between us, let’s remember that we can proudly support one another in loving our children well and in whatever way is best for our families.


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