For Your Quarentinainment: 5 Shows to Binge Watch While Stuck at Home


Holy crap guys, what is going on?!? I don’t know about you, but I haven’t left my house other than for walks around my neighborhood since March 16. Life is weird, I am weird (and smelly and crying often for no reason) my kids are getting weird – what is life? 

While there are things that I’m loving about this lifestyle, like sleeping in until my body is ready to wake up, not rushing in the mornings, and not packing lunch, being with my husband and kids 24/7 is definitely taking a toll on my sanity. 

The one thing that’s keeping me sane right now (how about we call it my new self-care routine) is staying up well after the kids are in bed to binge watch pure garbage. What do I mean by “garbage”? Well, let’s just say that these shows have no redeeming value. I’m not learning anything, and I’m not solving any of the world’s problems. These shows are the equivalent of a mental lobotomy, and I am living for the dark, nighttime hours when I can disconnect. 

a woman binge watch TV after her kids are in bed

A few weeks back, I decided I was going to start setting my alarm so that I could go for walks in the morning before the kids got up. Can you guess how many times I’ve gone for a walk in the past month before the kids were up? If you guessed ZERO – ding, ding, ding! I’ve decided to give myself grace and realized that what I need more than waking up early and exercising is to have some quiet alone time at the end of the day to completely shut my brain off and zone out. 

So, if you’re looking to do the same thing –  to literally just switch your brain off and allow it to turn into complete mush while you shut down in front of the trashiest of trash – I. Am. HERE. FOR. YOU.

Here are 5 shows to binge watch and stay (sort of) sane:

Tiger King

Right now all I can think is – how is it possible that it wasn’t 3 years ago that I watched this mess? I could call it plenty of other names, but let’s go with mess. If you live under a rock and haven’t even heard of it yet, there isn’t a single description I could write that would simultaneously do it justice and explain the magnitude of the messiness. 

I think it speaks volumes when the most likable person on the show is a toothless meth addict who cheated on his husband and got one of their mutual coworkers pregnant. Or that the person who seems the least likely to have committed a murder might just be running a sex cult. Either way, this is worth a watch if only just to get in on all of the fire meme content. 

Grade: A+

Notes: This is the type of pure filth we were meant to watch during quarantine. 

Where to Watch: Netflix

Love Island Australia, Season 1

I LOVE Love Island UK. Not only have I watched every single episode of all 6 seasons, I’ve watched some more than once. If I went through my IG account and told you, honestly, how many former Love Island UK castmates I’m following, I think you’d probably make me deactivate my account. So, like I said – big fan.  

I had high hopes for Love Island Australia but was really let down. And it’s not for lack of drama, there was more lying, backstabbing, cheating, and shocks in this season than any season of Love Island UK. The cast was just so – boring. I’m not 100% sure if it was bad editing or if it’s cultural. I have heard, however, but can’t verify, that Love Island Australia, Season 2 is much better. Anyway, if you’re curious about Love Island, I implore you, please start with Love Island UK.  

Grade: C (as compared to any season of Love Island UK which would all be A+)

Notes: So much more drama but such boring people. Odd. 

Where to Watch: Hulu

TV remote


Okay, this one wasn’t garbage, but my husband and I did binge watch it in 2 nights. This is also the only one my husband willingly watched with me (he begrudgingly watched Tiger King, too). 

I found the whole thing so interesting because I was only about 8 when the tragic standoff between the Branch Davidians and the ATF took place and I never really took time to look into it since. So, my 8-year-old understanding of what had gone on was so far from what was presented in the show. 

The acting was great, too. Taylor Kitsch (aka, Lady Gaga’s former fiance) was unrecognizable playing David Koresh. It was like a little Boardwalk Empire reunion with both Michael Shannon, Paul Sparks, and Shea Whigham. There were great performances by John Leguizamo, Julia Garner (from Ozark and Dear John), and Rory Caulkin. I cried more than once and sat with my jaw dropped more than once, too. 

After we finished all 6 episodes, both my husband and I went on to read the entire internet as it pertains to David Koresh, the Branch Davidians, and the siege at Waco. 

Grade: A

Notes: Just a really good drama. The only reason I’m not giving it an A+ is because not only do I realize it was quite slanted but also it may be just too sad for some to watch right now. 

Where to Watch: Netflix

Gossip Girl

After watching something as heavy as Waco, I needed lighthearted fun to binge watch. Gossip Girl is perfect for that. I didn’t watch this show when it originally aired. I can’t figure out why. I was way into the reboot of 90210 (which aired the exact same years) so I’m guessing I only had the mental space for one CW teen drama and I chose the west coast scene.

I really should have chosen Gossip Girl, though. I. AM. HOOKED. No lie, I’ve been watching 3-4 episodes a night. There are a few characters that I love and just cannot get enough of (namely Blair, Jenny, and Nate). A few characters I care about but also get angry with (I’m thinking Dan and Chuck). And two that are just total wet blankets and I could do without them (I’m looking at you, Serena and Vanessa). 

All-in-all, this is super corny and definitely unrealistic. I’ve actually laughed out loud at the dialogue sometimes – but it’s just fun.

Grade: A+

Notes: Such great escapism. Exactly what we need right now.

Where to Watch: Netflix

a woman watches TV after her kids are in bed

Riverdale, Season 4

I’ve long been obsessed with Riverdale. It was my first foray back to the CW after becoming a real adult and mom. The biggest draw initially for me – the cute dads. My grade school crush on Skeet Ulrich has not faded one bit, and he looks really good on the show. Throw in Luke Perry and Mark Consuelos and it’s a no brainer. 

But, after Luke Perry died last year, I had a hard time getting into this season. I watched the first episode of the season, which was the funeral for Luke Perry’s character, but that was all. However, the season finale was coming up so, in anticipation, I decided to binge the season to catch up. 

It was – okay. That’s all. Entertaining, sufficient, fluff. 

Grade: B

Notes: Not the best season, and not the best corny teen drama – but have you seen the hot dads?

Where to Watch: the CW app (for the current season) or Netflix (for previous seasons)

I love to binge watch all types of TV shows (I’m more of a series gal than a movie gal). Let me know what you’ve been binge-watching the past few months so I can check it out!

For Your Quarentinainment: 5 Shows to Binge Watch While Stuck at Home


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