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To say I was looking forward to a postnatal massage would be a huge understatement.

recall being sore after my first pregnancy but this time around has been a little different. Maybe it had to do with the months of carrying a baby in my belly and constantly toting around my two-year-old. Perhaps I just didn’t have any time to recover after giving birth. I was thrown back into motherhood a little too quickly in my opinion. I got the hang of juggling a two-year-old and a newborn pretty quickly- I didn’t really have a choice. But my body just hasn’t been the same. I’m constantly nursing while fending off the affection of a not so gentle two-year-old or having to console her because she’s upset. Gone are the days of sitting on the couch with a Boppy to nurse. My body is quick to remind me that it is tired after a day of nursing, burping, bathing, and raising my two girls.

I haven’t done a lot for myself since the baby was born so having my husband come home one afternoon so I could get a massage was so exciting!

When I walked out the door I felt naked, like I was missing something. Driving away felt so strange, yet so liberating. Don’t get me wrong. I love being a full-time mother but I could not wait for two hours of uninterrupted me-time. When I arrived at EarthySoul, Eileen greeted me with a warm, pleasant smile and we sat down to discuss the muscle issues I’ve been dealing with. We identified my trouble areas and I was given the option of choosing my massage oil. Eileen suggested either an oil blend for relaxation and detoxification or one formulated for mothers feeling symptoms of postpartum depression. I chose the feminine blend for relaxation because it smelled delightful. I then had the option of choosing a special cushioning system that would allow me as a breastfeeding mom to lie comfortably. This pre-massage routine made me feel as though my needs as a new mother were going to be met!

In my relaxed state, I thought it strange that I didn’t have a newborn crying for my attention or a two-year-old whining about me giving her the wrong sippy cup. I found myself wondering how my husband was doing without me and if my newborn was taking the bottle from him. I imagined a crying baby, a messy house and a frustrated husband. However, once Eileen began my massage, my worries vanished. My body relaxed and my mind slipped into a relaxed state! Eileen focused on my sore muscles but in a gentle way that did not cause discomfort. Eileen found muscles that I didn’t even know were there, and identified places that I did not know were sore. I melted into the massage table and for the first time since giving birth, I truly relaxed.


I began to think about what my body has been through over the last couple of years and how the physical stresses have built up. Relaxation is so important but as a mother of two, that time is hard to find. Spending a few hours away and treating myself to a massage was heaven. With no kids, no phone, and no access to a baby monitor, I simply took this time for me and let Eileen massage my worries away.

The experience really did wonders for my mental well being.

Mothers give everything to their children and rarely stop to take care of themselves. It’s sometimes easy to forget that you are deserving of some pleasure as you journey through motherhood. It is all new territory and although being a mother is the most wondrous experience, you have to stop to relax so that you can regain perspective on who you are. After my massage had ended I just laid there for a few minutes soaking in how good I felt and how relaxed my muscles were. Reality slowly returned and I remembered my newborn, my toddler, the dogs, my husband, and the potential disaster of a house I was returning to. But guess what? The house didn’t burn down and my family was just fine without me. Finding my center allowed me to come home a better mom and I was so happy to see my kids. Motherhood is a 24/7 profession but it’s important to focus on yourself for a few short hours to recharge and prepare to continue the wonderful journey ahead.

Motherhood is a 24/7 profession but it’s important to focus on yourself for a few short hours to recharge and prepare to continue the wonderful journey ahead.

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