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The days of boring office supplies are gone! Office Candy is the place for cute, fun office supplies, cute desk accessories, decorative office supplies, designer office supplies, and cute school supplies for those creative individuals who want to “spice it up” a little. They have it all; cute file folders, funny sticky notes and pink desk accessories.

Office Candy was founded by Laurie Noel Meek. She is a professional organizer by trade, and found herself having a hard time finding a retail outlet that carried a wide array of beautiful, fun & functional office supplies that she needed to purchase for her clients. This is how she came up with the concept for Office Candy! Their online store is filled with beautiful and fun products for your work or at home office space.

Office Candy Collage

Office Candy graciously allowed one of our writers, Beth, to try out their aqua file tote.

Here are Beth’s thoughts…

I must admit, I’m a sucker for pretty packaging.  Yes, it has no significance to the functionality of the product itself but there is just something about opening up a box and seeing your new purchase nicely wrapped, calling you to open and use it immediately.  Don’t you agree?!

So, when I opened up the newly arrived box from Office Candy to find this….

I knew without even trying the product, I already liked this business.  I mean, they even put in a lollipop! Talk about appealing to the “fun and flirty” being in us moms, which let’s face it, we sometimes forget we possess amidst all the child-centered chaos.  We were off to a good start.

As I began to open the tote and go through all of its contents, I wondered how useful it could be in my work life.  It was a great color, had pocket compartments, nice leather fabric, and was different from the every day work bags I already had.  It even had a little mini office set, which included tape, scissors, and a stapler.  Would it also be functional?  How would I use it?

Well, it didn’t take long before I found the perfect function for this tote.  I often pull together meetings and events in my job.  Many times, this requires me to bring a bunch of materials with me to the location of the event.  Usually, I throw the materials into my everyday bag and separate them with a real high-tech method of horizontal and vertical placement on top of one another.  I bet some of you know what I’m talking about!  I inevitably end up fumbling around looking for the right group of material I need for a particular moment, trying to unfold the papers that were somehow bent in the travel process.  I must tell you, this really tests the organizational monster that lives within me.

The file tote eliminated this fumbling dance.  I simply organized the materials I needed into the folders, threw in some other stuff (the bag allows for more than just paper), and off I went.  It was great.  It was cute and functional.  The organizational monster within me was pleased.

Overall, I concluded the bag was hit and I would use it again.  It is a bit heavier than throwing your papers into your normal bag but as long as you aren’t hiking with it, I don’t think it matters much.  Also, it can be a bit awkward to carry on your shoulder because it does not fold in the middle.  I’m not really sure that it could fold given that it is a file tote but it does make for a little less comfortable carry.  It’s the perfect bag for those meetings you have to run to but perhaps not for an outing on Church Street with your children.


So if your looking for a bag that is cute, unique, and helps keep you organized, Office Candy’s file tote is a fabulous product from a company that seems to really think about the little details that give pizazz to an otherwise average environment.

Thanks Office Candy!

Not only did Office Candy give Beth the chance to try out one of their products; they are also giving one lucky reader their own $60 gift certificate to get their own cute office supplies! Enter the giveaway below for your chance to win!

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*Burlington VT Moms Blog received compensation for this post, but the opinions expressed are entirely our own.

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Beth Nolan
Beth is a contributing writer for BurlingtonVT Moms Blog. Originally from Virginia, Beth and her hubby moved to VT in 2007 and have been building their home nest since. A full-time mom to two amazing little men and two crazy dogs is her primary job these days. She tries her best to continue to maintain her roles as full-time wife and children's advocate for a nonprofit, while also finding a little "Beth" time on occasion. Many mornings, that means finishing a full cup of coffee uninterrupted. Life may be crazy most days, but in the most wonderful way.


  1. Love, love, love Office Candy products. They have a great eye for picking organizing products that function and are beautifully designed. If I win, I will most definitely purchase the red patent leather accordion tote. It’s gorgeous and snazzy. Fun contest. Thanks so much for putting this together.


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