Newborn “Nice to haves”


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My second child is now 8 weeks old, and while I have all the newborn essentials down, I’ve discovered some newborn “nice to haves” as well!

Some frivolous and some super handy, these items are making my life just a little easier.

Oogiebear Ear & Nose Cleaner


I am a confessed baby picker. I can’t stand seeing that little boogie hanging out without being able to extract it. Enter the oogiebear. It is safe and SMALL to fit in those little baby crevices. One side is for cleaning ears and one is for cleaning noses. Seems like the most ridiculous thing ever but who cares… just take my money!!


Baby ShusherIMG_6850

Have you ever shushed, shushed, shushed your baby until you were almost out of breath? The baby shusher will do it for you! My husband thinks this is one step away from being a wire monkey mom but boy does this work. The long drawn out “shhhhhh” is consistent and can be loud enough to reset baby when they are in a frenzy. It can be pretty loud so be careful placing it next to baby’s ear.

The Wonder Weeks App

Screenshot_2016-03-21-23-10-39-1Whenever my children seem to be losing their minds, I check my wonder week app! Most of the time, it means they are in a mental leap or very close to one. You can even pull up a chart which will show you which weeks will probably suck and which will be sunny!

Multiple baby carriers

At least one baby carrier falls under newborn essentials in my opinion, but multiple carriers are definitely nice to have! I keep one in my car, one in my diaper bag, and pretty much one on every level of my house! I like having a variety to choose from and my stash includes a linen ring sling, a mesh water sling, a couple of soft structured carriers, a stretchy wrap, and a woven wrap. Alternatively, you could get a membership to Babywearing International of Greater Burlington and check out carriers from their lending library!


Milkies Milk Saver

The Milkies milk saver is great to have for the first couple of months of breastfeeding when your supply is regulating. Instead of milk being soaked up by a nursing pad, you can catch those drips with the milk saver! It is made of hard plastic so you are not able to sleep in it and if you bend over you will be crying over spilled milk. I’ve been able to get almost 2 oz in one nursing session using this! Just tuck it in the side you are not nursing (or pumping from) and remove when the session is over.

milk saver

Zutano snap booties

These booties STAY ON! No more socks slipping off and getting lost, these booties snap around the ankle and even the wiggliest baby feet can’t kick them off. You could also try your hand at making your own if you have some sewing skills and a snap punch.


What would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments!


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