Mother’s Day Mommy Makeover 2016 Reveal!


Drum Roll! It’s time to reveal the fabulous results of the Mother’s Day Mommy Makeover provided by Indigo Salon and EarthySoul!

Our winner, Moira, is full time working mom who lives in Colchester with her husband, Nick, and their two kiddos, Ethan, 5 (heading to kindergarten in the fall!) and Makenzie, 2.5.

We think she looked lovely just as she was (look at that long, beautiful hair – which she DONATED! Amazing!) but we know sometimes a momma just needs a change. We highly recommend Indigo Salon, and it sounds like Moira is hooked too! Here is what she had to say about her time at Indigo.

beforecollageIt was amazing!

They brought me into the waiting lounge, offered coffee or water and had me put on a robe. Then my stylist, Anna, came and got me and brought me to the waxing room. We chatted about the lip and brow wax and she did an efficient and nearly painless job. Then we went to the color room where we talked about the highlights I wanted to do and she had sample colors for me to pick from. Together we checked out some of the styles and colors I had pinned on Pinterest.

We took a quick detour to her chair so she could cut four ponytails for me to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.
We went back to the color room and she used three different mixes to paint on the highlights for the foil. I was able to knit the whole time and we chitchatted a bit. Then I waited in the color lounge while the color set and got a mug of water and relaxed.
Once the cut was done, she blew dried my hair, shaped it, and applied my makeup. It was a relaxing and pampering experience and I was in great hands. I haven’t cut my hair since my youngest, who is 2 1/2,  was about 6 months old and I haven’t colored it since before I had kids!

The salon was amazing and professional and if it wasn’t for the amazing views of Lake Champlain I would have thought I was at a fancy big city salon!

As for her time with Eileen at EarthySoul:

My massage was also amazing and Eileen was wonderful to work with. I felt like I was a floating puddle and left so relaxed!


Thank you so much to Indigo Salon and EarthySoul for joining us in making this Mother’s Day special for Moira. It’s amazing what a little TLC can do for a momma’s soul!



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