Mornings by Mom


Purple morning glories

Mornings are hard now. School is back in session and I am back to work full-time. The easy breezy days of summer are long gone and the busy, bustling, over-scheduled days are upon us. Running to the bus, running to soccer, running to dance, quick dinners and hurry up and get to bed is here for the season until we are able to nestle down and hibernate.

Weekday mornings in my house mostly suck.

And I have no idea how to improve upon this disastrous situation. But if your mornings sound anything like mine, here are some familiar weekday morning household phrases.

Time to get up.

Are you getting up today?

Okay sleepy heads, let’s go.

I guess we’ll have to go to bed earlier tonight. No? Then get up.

Do you want to get dressed first or have breakfast first?

Do you want to pick out your clothes or do you want me to?

Do you want shorts or pants?

Well you can’t go to school with no clothes on. Sorry.

Who can get dressed first?

No you can’t wear makeup, your 7.

I bet you can’t get dressed before I come in there!

I bet you can’t get downstairs before Daddy finishes making your breakfast.

Do you have your dance stuff?

What special do you have today?

Do you have your sneakers?

Do you have your library books?

Do you think you’re going to be cold/hot/comfortable in that?

Do you need socks?

Did you go to the bathroom?

Can you sit in your chair instead of standing?

Well you can’t eat chocolate for breakfast.

Because you can’t.

You need some protein.

Are you going to eat that?

Why aren’t you eating?

Stop touching each other.

It’s almost time to go, are you still hungry?

Stop touching each other, does one of you need to sit somewhere else?

Are you ready to brush your teeth?

Who’s brushing their teeth first?

Did you brush your teeth?

Are you sure you want to wear your pants backwards?

Do you have your shoes on?

Did you get your back pack?

Stop touching each other.

Stop. Talking. To. Each other.

Is your folder in your back pack?

Did you grab your lunch box?

Do you want to try the bus today?

Are you ready to get in the car?

Get in the car.

I’m coming.

Where’s my coffee?

Mug of morning coffee

What happens at your house?


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