Momspiration vs. Mommy Wars


Disclaimer: I did not coin this phrase, but I wish I did, because hearing it puts a smile on my face! Thinking about other moms doing things that they love, while taking care of the people that they love, AND inspiring moms like me makes me a little giddy because it creates great momspiration!

I think we’re all too familiar with the term “mommy wars,” and how its existence pits one mom against another in a horribly judgmental way.

I believe many of the smaller-scale battles that make up this ridiculous war to be fueled by feelings of self-righteousness, jealousy, and/or insecurity. Maybe it’s even a little misunderstanding. Whatever reason one may have for putting down another mom, I say “Stop that! Stop it right now.” Let’s set aside our negative feelings and do something that we all can benefit from-find inspiration among other women and praise each other for those things. Here are a few examples of things that have excited and impressed me recently:

stroller, mom, toddler girl
This mom is a dedicated runner!
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Yes, this ad. The ad that launched a thousand angry moms on social media. Moms all over the world were attacking this woman for her choice of attire; saying how “unrealistic” the ad was, etc. First off, how many ads do you see that are realistic? (I’m not sure I’ve ever seen hamsters driving cars, but you don’t hear people losing their mind over Kia commercials, am I right?) Honestly, I think she looks great! This ad inspires me to keep running, even if it means I’m pushing a 25 lb tot in a stroller, because I can get stronger.

Maybe even leaner if I dedicate more time each week to running and can manage enough self-control to not eat dessert. every night.

preschool crafts, fall
If you are doing these crafts with your child, I’m seriously impressed!
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Another place I find inspiration is Pinterest. Like so many moms, I’ve used this as a great resource for cooking, craft and style ideas. Sometimes I look at a picture and think, oh yea I can replicate that down to the teeniest bit of glitter, and then there are other times I just keep swiping down, because clearly Martha Stewart herself made that five-course dinner. I especially love when I see friends post pictures of DIY projects they attempted.

You ladies are really talented! Some of you were very trusting with your toddler and that glue stick! Keep letting your creative juices flow!

physician, light in mouth
Moms: working hard to take care of others, our families and ourselves! We rock!

Other moms that really inspire me do so by just getting out of bed each day. There is a strength and determination to get their day rolling, and to prepare for another demanding day, whether it is in the hospital, in a school, in their own home, and many places in-between. I myself am fortunate to work with some truly impressive Physicians; women who have dedicated their lives to helping their patients. These women are working nonstop it seems, and I can’t imagine how they find a balance. But they do, and they are amazing for it. And just to be clear, it’s not just Doctors, or moms who work outside of the home that are magnificently inspiring. I can think of at least a dozen stay-at-home moms who are wholeheartedly involved in their children’s day; whether they are doing the crafts that develop motor skills, going to the playgroups for socialization, or playing outside to exercise.

You moms inspire me to do my best while I’m at work AND while I’m at home being mom.

On the days when I could really use some inspiration to motivate me to run faster, paint brighter, and work earnestly, you moms really deliver. I am so appreciative of the wonderful things that are shared. I hope to make a greater effort to let you moms know just how much it means to me, and I hope you can spread the positivity by letting another mom know how they’ve inspired you.

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