Mommy Spring Break at Essex Resort and Spa!


{Disclaimer: We are working with Essex Resort and Spa to bring you this information, however, all opinions are our own.}

Spring is coming (we promise!) and with it the desire to refresh everything around us. Essex Resort and Spa knows how hard moms work and they are here to help us be the best moms we can be with a Mommy Spring Break!

As moms, spring cleaning usually means throwing out broken toys and Spring Break is a time for keeping the kids as busy as possible without succumbing to the disaster that is mud season. With the Mommy Spring Break package from Essex Resort and Spa, moms have the chance to relax and refresh themselves, because everyone knows “When Mommy is happy, everyone is happy!”

Essex Resort and Spa offered us the opportunity to come experience the Mommy Spring Break package and we happily obliged (they really had to twist our arms, as you can imagine!). Let us tell you all about our time there and then we’ll tell you how to book your own Mommy Spring Break!

Photo courtesy of Essex Resort and Spa.

We arrived right at check-in time (maybe we were a little excited) and immediately threw ourselves on the beds. We knew there was much to see and do, but a little quiet time with some comfy pillows and a bag of Twizzlers was just what we needed. Speaking of pillows, we’re not sure if it’s just being away from bed-sharing kids or what, but the pillows were amazingly comfortable!

essex resort

For dinner, we visited The Tavern. Since we visited during the week and during the winter schedule, The Junction was not open. We highly recommend you stay at a time when it is open so you can get the full Junction dinner experience, as we hear it is amazing! The food at The Tavern was delicious none-the-less, and we enjoyed every bite alongside some tasty mixed drinks. The bartender even made Josilyn, our pregnant mama, a fantastic non-alchoholic drink so she wouldn’t be left out of the fun!

essex resort
Dinner at The Tavern at Essex Resort and Spa.

We were incredibly full, but to-go desserts were necessary as we headed back to our room for the night. Indulgent doesn’t even begin to explain it, and what says “Mommy Break” better than eating dessert in bed without anyone asking for a bite?!

The dessert menu had too many choices so we had to try all of it!

The next day our morning started back at The Tavern with breakfast. It was a lovely, quiet way to ease us into the day of relaxation that we had ahead of us!

The three of us experienced multiple spa treatments at The Spa at the Essex for the day.

Photo courtesy of Essex Resort and Spa.

Tasha: I started my day with a Honey Lavender Escape Body Treatment and a Custom Massage. The timing worked out to have these experiences back to back with the same masseuse, which I highly recommend. The two experiences melded into one one-hundred minute cloud of amazingness. Later in the day, I received a much-needed pedicure and haircut in the salon. I’ve been getting tons of compliments on my hair ever since!

This is what relaxed looks like.

Josilyn: I really spoiled myself, I used this spa day as my babymoon as I was 32 weeks pregnant. I started my day off with an Orange and Sweet Calendula Cream Facial with Danielle. To say that the experience was heavenly is an understatement. I highly recommend that everyone go to Danielle for a facial at least once in their lives! I found myself as a bowl of mush but was able to recover in the relaxation room while I waited for my prenatal massage. Honestly, I wasn’t that excited about my prenatal massage, I had received others while pregnant at spas and felt that the massage therapist was afraid to break me and barely put any pressure. This was not my experience at the Essex! They had a set up with foam so that I could lay on my tummy and the next 50 minutes really released all of the tension in my body. I ended the day with first a spa manicure and then a spa pedicure, I was able to pick out fun colors that my two-year-old loved!

Me a bowl full of mush recovering in the relaxation room.

Tara: Heaven doesn’t even begin to describe this much-needed mommy day! I started my day with a relaxing gel manicure and headed back to the spa relaxation room and settled in to read a book while I was in between services. As a mommy, we never really get time to ourselves so this was a great way to relax and sit around stress-free while I cozied up to some me time (seriously, when do we ever get that)?! If you go for even one treatment you get to spend an entire day in the spa… seriously worth it!

After an hour of pure relaxation heaven (did I mention the lavender cool mist, endless spa water, and calming music in the lounge), I went in for my first body treatment and was in heaven. I’ll admit, I was a little scared of the wrap but the body scrub and honey lotion left me feeling invigorated and like I literally had a facial all over. I finished off my day with a pedicure and custom massage, and at that point, I had to roll my way home. Not only did we have a really fun time, but I was shocked at how affordable a spa day really was. I’m sure this will become an annual trip for us. I personally can’t wait to go back 🙂

Spa relaxation

In between our treatments, we enjoyed a spa lunch together in the lounge. Everything was fresh and delicious, delivered right to the spot where we were sitting. No cooking, no cleaning, we just pointed to the menu and then someone brought it to us. Not a dream, ladies, that happened!

Spa lunch at SPA at The Essex.

The spa also has beautiful, comfortable, quiet rooms to sit in while you wait between treatments. Bring a book or throw a blanket over yourself and enjoy a nap. It’s just beyond words relaxing!

Photo courtesy of Essex Resort and Spa.

We left Essex Resort and Spa so relaxed and rejuvenated. There is really no way to describe it. So we will let our husband’s (unprompted!) responses speak for themselves:

Tasha’s husband, Matt: “If you could just get paid in spa treatments instead of money every day, I would be ok with that. I’ve never seen you so relaxed!”

Josilyn’s husband, Jason: “Your legs are so smooth!”

Tara’s husband, Jake: “You are so relaxed that it’s freaking me out.”

Blog owners who spa together, stay together.

 What you should know before you go:

If you are planning a trip with your girlfriends and you want to spend the day in the spa together, be sure to call plenty ahead of time to schedule your spa treatments. Planning spa treatments around three ladies was a lot to manage, but the lovely people at the SPA at the Essex handled it with ease.  They paid attention to details like coordinating the manicures and pedicures so our nails wouldn’t get messed up during our massages. It was so nice to have someone else worry about the small details for once!

Also, be sure to book your dining reservations ahead of time as well, depending on where you decide to dine.

Discounts! Every Wednesday and Thursday the spa offers a 30% off discount on all spa services to Vermonters (make sure to bring a photo ID with your Vermont address on it)! Also, if you book more than three spa services in the same day, you can get a 20% discount (think eyebrow wax, pedicure and massage… it doesn’t have to be three high priced things)! Amazing deals, just be sure to ask for them when you book your spa treatments over the phone.

Bring a swimsuit! There is a beautiful indoor pool and a hot tub outside. It’s a great way to unwind!

An 18% tip is included in your bill at the Spa. You can always add on more, of course, but it’s another small detail that it’s nice not to worry about!

The Mommy Spring Break package (listed as The Spring Staycation Package on The Essex Resort and Spa website because you can book this package even if you aren’t a mom!) Includes:

The package includes overnight accommodations for two or more nights in the cozy Essex Resort. If you are planning a trip with multiple girlfriends, ask about upgrading to one of their roomy suites! You will also enjoy a $100 credit at the spa per adult and a $50 restaurant credit per adult, per stay. Prices will vary depending on the dates you pick to stay, call or reserve online to find out full pricing details.

If you are looking for a getaway with your girlfriends, your sisters, or just some time to yourself, we hope you will consider the Mommy Spring Break getaway at The Essex Resort and Spa. Tell them we sent you!


  1. Thankyou for the review of your staycation at the Essex and spa! It looked like a wonderful time with your friends! Moms need pampering on a regular basis! Massage is the best thing ever! I love massages so much ! I had to become a therapist lol! 🙂 Ill save this one if I ever vacation there thankyou! 🙂


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