Love at First Bite: Nursing, Teething and Sensory Jewelry for the Whole Family


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love at first biteI first learned about Love at First Bite a little over a year ago when I participated in a Poe Wovens photo shoot. Poe Wovens received some of Love at First Bite’s jewelry to use in the shoot, and we got to bring home a few pieces each. I picked out a Maplewood Teething and Nursing necklace, a matching Maplewood Baby Wearing Accessory and a Wooden Ring Necklace (not currently available) that my daughter, Caroline, needed to have to match mama. I loved the look of the two necklaces.

I have been known to wear the Maplewood Necklace when going out of the house with no kiddos in tow just because I like the way it looks.

Photo provided by Poe Wovens

The quality of the products is outstanding. During the shoot, Caroline became a bit crabby and the necklaces and the baby wearing accessory gave her something to focus on and helped her stay in good spirits.

Once I got home I instantly got on my computer and did research about Love at First Bite.

I LOVED when I found out that Love at First Bite is a teething, nursing and sensory jewelry company based in Brattleboro, VT.

It’s owned and operated by Amber Mosca, who is a mom to a 4-year-old daughter and a 1-year-old son. Love at First Bite strives to create a unique experience that fosters the positive growth and development of young children and their families by offering them functional products that can be enjoyed throughout various stages of a child’s development.

Photo provided by Love at First Bite
Photo provided by Love at First Bite

Love at First Bite’s teething and nursing jewelry is made out of both silicone and hardwood maple. Prior to researching this company, I had only seen teething jewelry made out of silicone.

There are so many uses for this jewelry, besides looking good, such as: relieving pain and pressure associated with teething, breaking down gum tissue so new teeth can emerge, keeping baby focused while nursing, keeping baby from pinching, scratching, hair pulling, and biting while nursing, and keeping baby entertained during diaper changes. Nursing bracelets help to you remember which side baby last nursed on. Babywearing accessories keep baby from sucking on baby carriers and wraps while being worn.

In my opinion, it’s just an added bonus that Love at First Bite’s jewelry is adorable and looks good when you are wearing it!

love at first bite
Photo provided by Love at First Bite

Love at First Bite also has sensory jewelry for young children, which I didn’t even know existed.

Their sensory jewelry serves as an engaging tool to support early childhood development and is often used to help redirect common childhood behaviors such as:

  • biting others
  • chewing or sucking on unconventional items
  • thumb sucking
  • nail biting
  • teeth grinding
  • focus and concentration issues
  • excessive drooling
  • mouth stuffing
  • oral defensiveness

The necklaces also help build muscle tone in the jaw. So cool! This area is a real passion for Amber and she has a blog connected to her website that is focused on activities caregivers can do with their children. I have found a few that have been perfect to keep Caroline (almost 2.5 years old) busy while I’m tending to Augie, my newborn son.

A few months ago, I was very pregnant with my son Augie and was anxious about how Caroline would react to her new baby brother and having to share mama.

The contents of my hospital bag
The contents of my hospital bag

We tried to prepare Caroline since the day we told her that she was going to be a big sister. She helped with shopping for Augie, decorating his room, pulling out her old toys and baby gear, and she picked out his coming home outfit and got him blankies and a lovey like hers. But she was only 2 so it was a real mystery on how’d she do once he actually arrived.

I started looking for a gift that Augie could “give” Caroline at the hospital… which lead me back to Love at First Bite. We received one of their teething bracelets in our swag bags from the blog’s Bloom Event and I knew immediately that I would be able to find something terrific from them! Indeed, I was right. They have packages where you can choose matching sets. I, errr, I mean Augie, picked out a teething necklace and sensory necklace in Family Rose– one for me, and one for Caroline.

love at first biteOn the day of his birth, Augie gave me the teething necklace and gave Caroline the sensory necklace (a smaller version of mine). When Caroline came to the hospital she was so excited not only to meet her baby brother (it was one of the sweetest moments of my life) but she seemed to be in disbelief that he got her a present (we are very clear on what is “mine” and who got us what these days) that matched mama’s.

She put on her necklace and wouldn’t take it off. In the weeks since, she often puts on her necklace and demands that I put on mine. There are times that she pretends to be a “tiny baby” and she enjoys nibbling on her necklace, especially while Augie is grabbing onto mine when he is nursing. Recently, we were talking about what we should get a friend for her upcoming birthday, and Caroline told me we should get her friend a necklace like hers, because “it’s so cute!”

Love at First Bite is an incredible local company, and has so much to offer.  I highly recommend that people look at all of the different products they carry. They go beyond the basic teething/nursing necklaces you see in the stores; they are boutique quality products at affordable prices, and they are LOCAL!

And hey, they make it so that “being the fashionista mama has never been so easy!”u

Oh and ps! Use code BVTM16 and save 20% on your online purchase!


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