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When my first son began to eat solids we didn’t have those fancy pouches they have nowadays.  I sound just like my grandmother don’t I?  Well, it’s true!  These days we have more pouch options than we know what to do with.

When my 2nd son started eating solids I made the decision to make his food, but I was certainly curious about the pouch phenomenon.  In March we visited Disneyworld for a week and because I couldn’t make my own food I decided this was as good a time as any to give the pouches a try.  Long story short Canaan liked them (most of them) and we’ve been pouch believers ever since.

That’s why when Baby Gourmet came to BVTMB and asked us if we’d like to review THEIR pouches I jumped at the chance to try something new. 

Baby Gourmet Founder, Jennifer Carlson, wanted to feed her babies food that was healthy and tasty.  Disappointed with the available options, she started making her own baby food based on family recipes.  What started out as an impressive business in the local Farmers’ Market soon turned into mass distribution in the Canadian market, winning rave reviews.

So what makes these pouches, the Squoosh product line, different than all the rest?  Here it is:

  1. Taste:  All of Baby Gourmet recipes have a sophisticated and delicate blend of flavors that make it easy to get kids to love food that is good for them – even greens.
  2. Quality:  All products start out in Jen’s kitchen (what!!!) – not in a lab or factory.  In fact Jen’s sister, who’s also in the business, is the taste tester of each ingredient (100% organic fruits & veggies) before it goes to production.  And if the 2 of them don’t love it, they scrap it and start from scratch.
  3. Allergens:  If you are worried about allergens their products are processed in a nut and egg free factory.
  4. Packaging:  Eye-catching, BPA-free pouches maintain nutrient values and flavors while the packaging locks in taste.


Well, that’s all well and good but did it pass the test with my 12 month old?  Yes, yes it did!  I wish I had videoed just how quickly he sucked the product out of the pouch, it was that fast and that good!  We tried BeetBerry (a blend of banana, apple, beet, blueberry) and Squableberry (a blend of apple, blueberry, squash, banana) and Canaan loved them both.  And to be honest, before giving it to my son I tested it as well (you know…for the review:), and I thought the flavors were smooth and sweet.


We here at BVTMB give Squoosh pouches 2 thumbs up!  And you’re in luck, you can give it a try yourself.  Here are you options:

1.  You can purchase any of the 4 flavors from Amazon

2.  Or you can enter the giveaway below.  Baby Gourmet  will give one lucky winner one box (of 4) of each of the Squoosh product line (BeetBerry, OrangoBango, SquableBerry, Banango).  That’s 4 boxes, 16 pouches of yummy, delicious, healthy food for your littles.

Enter the raffle below for your chance to win.


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*Burlington VT Moms Blog received compensation for this post, but the opinions expressed are entirely our own.


  1. Our 2 year old has an issue with textures and won’t eat any solid fruits or veggies. We LOVE pouches and are always looking for new ones to try out. Would love to win these!!


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