It’s OK to Ask For Help


I know a lot of women have trouble asking for help…especially from other women or mom friends. I have a mother who has led an incredibly successful career while raising three decent kids.  I too strive for success in being able to balance it all and I also pride myself on doing a lot of it myself.

I DO believe I am one of those women who has had trouble asking for help (although my husband would certainly disagree).

We’re currently working with our 15 month old on this exact phrase:“help.”  She gets frustrated when she can’t get something to work on her own.  My husband and I encourage Simone to say “help” and believe it or not, she’s mastered the word.

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I hope that as women, as moms, that with a little practice, asking for help will become more familiar.  I also hope that I can continue to practice what I preach.

Help can be small and subtle. Taking a walk, cooking a meal, buying a glass – or three – of wine, playing a game with someone’s children, or even just lending an ear.

As a woman, I get it. We get it. We should unite in understanding that life can be tough, hard, stressful even.  Maybe it’s the social worker in me, or being the oldest of three siblings.  Maybe it’s now knowing what it’s like to be a mom.  I appreciate the power of camaraderie amongst woman- especially other moms!

I feel it has taken lots and lots of practice, but I’m getting better. I’m finally allowing other providers to care for my daughter (part time of course) and we hired a babysitter – once – that’s not a close family member.  I’ve asked my husband for help with the bath time on those nights when our daughter just refuses to cooperate.  I’ve asked my mother-in-law to babysit on some weekdays when I have to work.

This is huge for me!

Again…. practice.

The community of Burlington, VT is one that is privy to support for families. Whether you just moved here or have lived here for years with lots of friends and connections.  Reaching out is a good thing and can only open doors for others to do the same.  Whether it’s asking your neighbor to watch the dog or asking your family to come over and change some diapers.

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As Robin Williams said in Mrs. Doubt Fire, “Help is on the way dear!”



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