Goodbyes are Bittersweet


Over 3 years ago, I was introduced to City Moms Blog Network and this fabulous idea of starting a local moms blog to serve the moms in our community. I was immediately drawn to the idea as I knew how isolating motherhood could feel and how much I longed to connect mothers to each other. This began an incredible journey of working with a dear friend to get BurlingtonVT Moms Blog up and running and launching this site a little over 3 years ago.


When Shannon and I officially launched this community, we had NO idea what it would become! As things quickly grew, we often found ourselves scrambling to keep up (in a really great way!). As Shannon transitioned out of ownership and I became the sole owner of BVTMB, I was truly blessed to bring on some incredible women to help me continue the vision of reaching and connecting moms. I have loved getting to know and work with these women and the fabulous team of writers that have been a part of this team!

Team photo May 2015

In a little over a month, my family will be moving back to Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This move is bittersweet, as we love this beautiful state and the community, but we also loved Minnesota and our community there. As we began contemplating this move several months back, one of my biggest concerns was what would happen to this blog. It had become my baby and I couldn’t imagine just shutting it down.

As I sit here now, preparing to move in a little over a month, I can not begin to express how grateful I am for how everything has worked out! Three of my fabulous executive team members who have been a part of the blog will be the official new owners of BVTMB as of October 30th. These women are absolutely amazing and are passionate about continuing on the vision and mission of BVTMB and I seriously could not imagine leaving this community in more capable hands!

Tara Robertson


Originally from New Jersey my family would frequent VT for ski vacations and always saw the green mountains as a second home! My husband (Jake) and I met in college in NH and moved to Boston to start our careers while I attended Emerson College to receive my masters in Integrated Marketing Communications. We always knew that when we were ready to start a family we would move out of the big city and into the mountains somewhere (I am a city girl at heart but my husband loves to be in rural surroundings. Think of us as real time Green Acres). We quickly found Burlington to be the perfect home for us both! We have been in VT since 2008 and now have 2 wonderful, spirited, and busy boys (Wyatt – 4, Zayne – 2) and an absolutely insane puppy, Ike. I telecommute from my home in Williston as the VP Marketing & Creative Services for my agency, TSL Marketing (located in Columbia, MD) and am on a constant quest to balance being a full time executive with the demands of being mommy. Thankfully I also carry some form of super power productivity gene that forces me to multi-task at an absurd level (also known as the mommy gene) but this is also my krypotonite as I don’t know how to slow down!

Tasha Lehman


In 2010, I moved to Vermont with my husband and our three boys. This beautiful state stole our hearts right away and we have been making it home ever since. My husband is in the military, proudly serving in the Vermont Air National Guard. My boys are 14, 11, and 10. I truly love being a mom to three boys! I work part time and spend a lot of time volunteering in our church and military communities. I enjoy cooking and baking. I love to write and do so in my…what’s that called…oh yes, free time. I have been a part of the BVTMB team from the very beginning and I am so excited to be a new owner!

Josilyn Adams


I became a Vermont transplant from New Hampshire in 2010 after meeting my now Husband, Jason (a South Burlington native), at UNH in 2007 where I got my BS in Family Studies and my Masters in Social Work. I recently made the decision to be a stay at home mom to my amazing daughter Caroline (born February 2014) and our puppy Copper (really our first born, born June 2011) leaving my job as a social worker with the State of Vermont.  My entire focus now is being a mama. Every day I find myself being in complete awe of my daughter, she amazes me. I am passionate about families and children and am really excited to be a new owner of BurlingtonVT Moms Blog! I love everything VT and local including restaurants, wine, beer, products, and activities. The summer is my favorite time of year because it’s so easy to get out and do fun things with other Vermonters!

Mommas, I have loved being a part of creating this community! I have so enjoyed getting to meet so many of you at events and activities and connect with some of you on a deeper level. I am so appreciative for so many of you that have opened up your hearts and souls for thousands to read in hopes of letting one person know that they are not alone in this journey of motherhood. I am so grateful to have met and interacted with countless amazing small business owners. Grateful. That’s the word that keeps running through my mind as I contemplate this move. Grateful.

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  1. Best of luck Nissa! Thank you for all you have done for mamas and papas in the community. Perhaps most importantly, you have given moms a forum to share their stories, fears, and joys. You will be missed.


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