7 Favorite Sugarhouses in Vermont: Get Your Maple Sugar On!


It’s that time of year again… as the weather starts to warm a bit, the flowing sap reminds us that spring is not far off! Sugaring season is a great time to check out some of our local sugarhouses in Vermont and enjoy something that reflects Vermont’s history and culture for generations. Pack up the family and head out for an afternoon of yummy treats and maple syrup fun!

Check out our top seven favorite sugarhouses in Vermont:

1. Palmer’s Sugarhouse

Young girl eating sugar on snow with a pickle at Palmer's Sugarhouse

This sugarhouse is our family’s favorite. We love all the delicious treats like sugar on snow, maple lattes, maple candies, and doughnuts. I mean, come on- I think you’re officially a Vermonter when your mouth waters when you see a picture of sugan on snow with a pickle. Am I right or am I right?

Anyhow, Palmer’s also has live music and sleigh rides, and there are great trails near to the sugarhouse. You can check out the sugaring process while you down your yummy snacks, and it is easy to find as it is a short distance off Highway 7 in Shelburne.

2. Poor Farm Sugar Works

Poor Farm Sugar Works seen from a short distance. They are boiling sap and steam is coming out of the bulding.

This sugarhouse in Colchester is another local favorite. It’s a traditional sugarhouse that boils with wood and uses pipelines and buckets. They recommend calling and making an appointment to visit (802-318-3620). They offer both curbside pick-up and showroom sales.

3. The Sugarhouse at Green Mountain Audubon Center

The Audubon Sugarhouse, tucked into the woods. Foliage is just beginning to turn in the fall.

This sugarhouse, located at the Green Mountain Audubon Center in Huntington, is one of our favorite sugarhouse destinations. It’s fun to spend several hours with your family here as there are so many great trails and things to explore throughout the Audubon Center.

4. End O Road Maple Sugarhouse

End O Road Maple sign on the side of a wooden maple sugaring barn

This sugarhouse in Jericho is definitely off the beaten path. They boil sap using wood, so viewing the process here is really neat. They also have an area where children can observe and feed the lambs. They offer those delicious treats we all love getting at a sugarhouse- sugar on snow, maple candies, etc.

5. Isham Family Farm

A plastic jug of Isham Family Farm maple syrup

This popular year-round farm in Williston has seasonal offerings from blueberries to Christmas trees. And of course, maple syrup! They’ve been producing the stuff for over five generations, since 1871. It’s a great place to visit.

6. Bourdon Maple Farm

Bourdon Maple Farm sugarhouse is located in Woodstock, VT. They work hard to utilize our natural resources and work with the seasons to produce pure organic Vermont maple syrup. We recommend contacting them here to schedule a tour.

7. Little Hogback Farm

Inside of a yurtLocated in Bristol, Little Hogback Farm produces small-batch maple syrup, maple sugar, and maple sweets. The most fun thing about Little Hogback Farm is that you can spend the night! Stay in their cozy yurt, located within minutes of amazing hiking, biking, breweries, and much more! Sit around the campfire while listening to their resident owls or stare up at the stars through the dome. It’s a truly unique and amazing experience.

Once you’ve got your sugarhouse fix, it’s time to use that freshly purchased maple syrup! Check out these posts for recipes and uses for your Vermont maple syrup.

Want to try maple sugaring at home? Check out this post!

What’s your favorite sugarhouse in Vermont to purchase Vermont maple syrup from or visit with your family? Let us know in the comments- we’re always looking for a new place to visit!


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  1. My dad and I go to the Maple Sugar Open House every year and our favorite sugarhouse that we visit every year is Poor Farm Sugar House. We think their syrup and maple candy is the best that we’ve had.

  2. Last year I went through a list and picked three sugar houses to visit and decided then we would make a yearly tradition of it. We are heading lout tomorrow and can’t wait. Last year we hit End of the Road Sugar House and it was one of our favorite’s! They let you feed the sheep with donuts! 🙂


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