Genevieve’s Mommy Makeover Reveal!


Our most recent mommy makeover winner, Genevieve, dishes all about her day of pampering thanks to our sponsors La Bella Derma Day Spa, Envision Boutique Salon and The Skinny Pancake!

What a lovely day!
I’m a 41 year old mom of 2. My husband and I are both teachers and this was a wonderful treat for back-to-school! I consider myself super low maintenance I never wear make up and rarely do more and brush my hair and put it in a ponytail. I recently lost a lot of weight though, and have a wedding to attend in a couple of weeks so this was really great timing!
Genevieve before
I started at La Bella Derma and Chelsea was very welcoming. The spa is bright and airy and the treatment room was warm and cozy with candles and fresh flowers. If you’ve never had a facial, I highly recommend it! In addition to lovely cleansing, extraction and several different deep penetrating treatments that she performed, Chelsea did an amazing job massaging away any tension from my head, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. I was incredibly relaxed and calm by the end. She then gave me a custom make up application which ended up looking very natural. It was me, but fancier.
Genevieve 1
My next stop was Envision Salon. After a cup of coffee and a short chat about my style (very wash-n-go low maintenance) she suggested highlights that would look very natural both now, and as my hair grows. My hair is super straight and so she cut it so it looks amazing straight but then also curled it since this was a special occasion.
Genevieve 2
Genevieve 3
I met up with my husband and we went to The Skinny Pancake for dinner. It was a beautiful night and we ate our panini, poutine, and desserts outside. The meal was fantastic and the portions were huge. Will definitely be back with the kids (or maybe without them).
Genevieve 4


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