Fighting The Blues with a Winter Wellness Plan


Winter can be refreshing. The crisp air. The back-to-back holidays. The first snowfall brings with it so much excitement and joy. 

Then there’s also coldness, frozen mud, darkness, and ice. Seasonal Affective Disorder sets in and like many Vermonters and those living in colder, darker states, I struggle. 

Over the years, I’ve tried changing my mindset to fight off those winter blues but maintaining a positive outlook continues to be a struggle. This year, I’m trying another new idea- creating my own Winter Wellness Plan. I’ve come up with a simple yet fulfilling list of things I can do to keep myself happy, healthy, and sane in the dreary winter months. 

Here I share my Winter Wellness Plan. I also explain why each activity is important to my well-being. Hopefully, these are ways you too can stay on the right track, or at least inspire you to create your own Winter Wellness Plan.

Daily Gratitude Journal

I started doing a daily gratitude journal a few months ago. Feeling thankful is supposed to improve your mood, potentially decreasing depression and anxiety. What I do is a quick three-bullet list, which only takes a few minutes to complete. I write three items each day that I appreciate and try to reflect on my most enjoyable moments. 

bullet journal and a glass of water on a table

Home Workout Plan

To be honest, I love the hustle and social interaction of going to the gym, but parent life often makes it difficult. To keep my mood up and keep moving, I created my own home workouts to maintain my fitness even when I can’t leave the house or when I am crunched for time.

exercise bench with small weights


I was looking for a creative outlet and considered starting a blog, but that felt like a bigger task than I was ready for. I’m excited to practice my writing and join the Vermont Moms Contributing Writer team.

A Class

I haven’t finalized this, but my goal is to find a one-day class. I’ve considered learning about cell phone photography or baking. Comment with more ideas, please! I want to do this because new experiences make you more interesting- both to others and to yourself. I’m looking for ways to fulfill myself as an individual and give myself something to talk about other than potty training or work. 

Light Therapy

My therapist suggested increasing my Vitamin D intake. Vermonters and those living in dark, cold climates are often lacking vitamin D due to limited daylight. In addition to an actual supplement, I thought I’d try using a UV light too.  Vitamin D is good for many different things, including bone health and immunity. 

Watch a New TV series

Yes, this is on my list. I deserve to relax and enjoy myself and I want to make it a priority. I love “Friends,” “New Girl” and other feel-good sitcoms. Sometimes you just need a low-key, quiet evening and I want to make sure I get this on my schedule.

Research Five States

This is part of a bigger goal that I have. Someday, I’d love to visit all 50 states. I’ve started the research and thought I could keep the momentum going. My interest in traveling is the same as taking a class – experiences make you more interesting. I want to see and learn more. I want memories to share with family and friends.

map of the United States

Ice Skating

I’m not big on skiing, snowmobiling, or other winter sports. Ice skating is the only activity I have some interest in. Our local rink has public skating a few times a week and I think it would be fun to spend some time outside skating. I can also do this with my kids. 

Winter darkness can be hard in Vermont winters. Maybe a Winter Wellness Plan is exactly what you need too. What would your list look like?  

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Fighting The Blues with a Winter Wellness Plan

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