Fall is the Best Time to Hike Vermont


We live in what I think is the most beautiful state in the country, and while there’s never a bad time to hike in Vermont, there is just something extra special about hiking in Vermont in the fall. Vermont doesn’t disappoint with all things fall.

The first reason is an obvious one. The foliage at this time of year is breathtaking. In the early fall, you can watch as the seasons shift and the reds and oranges start to freckle the trees. The views! I mean come on!?! It doesn’t get any better than this. Fall never gets old. Every year I’m blown away by the awesome beauty of the leaves changing color. Fall in Vermont is the best time to get out and hike with your kids!

The temperature starts to drop and becomes that perfect hiking temperature; not too hot and not too cold.

The crisp air is invigorating and leaves me feeling mentally renewed.

Since it’s cooler, there’s a lot less whining from my son and husband about being hot, and I feel more comfortable too as I’m usually wearing or carrying the baby at some point. An added bonus is that as the temperature drops there are usually fewer bugs around too!

With each passing day, the color of the leaves becomes even more beautiful.

That’s when we like to start collecting leaves of different shapes and colors to make autumn crafts with once we get home. Our favorite activity is squishing leaves between melted wax paper and then hanging them on windows. We also enjoy using leaves to make crayon rubbings. I’ve been collecting more ideas for leaf crafts on Pinterest too!  Since school is back in session, if you’re hiking with littles you’ll find quieter trails most weekdays- which is conducive to the slow preschool pace.  MJ always wants to make a million stops to look at bugs, leaves, bark, bugs, acorns, rocks… and did I say bugs? I’ve learned to bring a bag for collecting all the natural treasures he finds! We also like to listen to birds and try to identify which ones we hear.

Some of our favorite fall nature spots include Mt. Philo, the Whale’s Tails, Colchester Pond, and the Colchester Causeway. There are so many amazing places to hike with kids!  We recently joined the local chapter of Hike It Baby for a hike at Laplatte Trail  in Shelburne and MJ loved all the leaves, small pine cones and dried up milkweed pods. He also loved finding all the bridges on the path through the woods. I really love hiking with groups because it’s nice to have a mama buddy or two for backup with littles! #mamatribe

The only downside of the fall being my favorite season is that it leads into my least favorite season, winter. Anyone have tips for enjoying winter hikes?


  1. I love winter hikes. The quiet of the woods is delicious! Cleats, snow shoes and lots of layers! And a warm thermos! It’s the best way to get warm in the winter. But, I agree fall up here is magic!


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