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We all know that pregnancy and the postpartum period can be difficult for moms. Our bodies go through intense changes and sometimes (unfortunately) traumatic experiences. This can all lead to dealing with aches and pains on a daily basis.

Evolution Physical Therapy and Yoga is a female owned business that focuses on meeting the unique needs of women. It is common for women to be told that all of the aches and pains that occur during pregnancy and after giving birth are normal, and to just live with the symptoms. This could have devastating consequences over a woman’s lifetime.


Instability in the hips and pelvis from childbirth, if left untreated, can lead to debilitating pain from arthritis in the hips and spine in your later life. As more and more women became healthcare providers and involved in research, new diagnostic tools and treatment approaches were developed. They can now can diagnose and treat back, hip, pelvic pain and pelvic dysfunction that occurs during the perinatal process.


Through their yoga and physical therapy programs, Evolution Physical Therapists seek to educate women about how to care for their changing bodies. They believe in a proactive approach to address issues as early as possible to prevent permanent long term issues from developing. They have three pelvic floor therapists on staff that work with women to regain pelvic floor function, address incontinence issues, pelvic pain, organ prolapse, pain with sex and loss of sexual function. All of their therapists can work with women dealing with pain in the upper back, low back, hips and pelvis. When seeing a physical therapist, your care is covered by your health insurance. They can even integrate yoga into your treatment program. With yoga they can address some of the comprehensive issues that women face during motherhood such as sleep disorders, headaches and stress.

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Their New Mom Consult was developed to give women a comprehensive check-up to the musculoskeletal issues they may face after childbirth or the stresses their bodies may be under with care for a newborn baby.

Now that that you are through the initial new baby moments, it’s time to take a look at you! How is your body? Are your shoulders achy from holding that precious bundle up to nurse? Is your neck sore from hefting the car seat or wearing baby? Are you anxious to get back to running and wondering if your body is ready? Evolution Physical Therapy now offers a specialized New Mom Consultation, to guide you on the path to recovering your pre-pregnancy functioning.

This one-hour evaluation with their Women’s Health Physical Therapists, Andrea Trombley PT, Meagen Satinsky PT and Michelle Downing DPT, will address abdominal strength and integrity, pelvic floor function, muscle and joint pain. Common issues addressed include diastasis recti, post c-section abdominal retraining, pelvic floor muscle re-education (proper Kegel exercise), incontinence, pelvic pain, breastfeeding positioning, lifting and carrying recommendations.

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Each woman has unique issues that will be addressed within 1 to 6 visits, including a home program. The new mom consult is covered by insurance and will be billed as a physical therapy visit. New moms must be 6 weeks post delivery, or cleared by the physician if there were complications during the birth. Their knowledgable staff have been lecturers at the University of Vermont, are involved in Low Back Pain Research at UVM and are speakers for local healthcare providers at conferences and events.

Learn more about all of the fabulous programs offered by Evolution Physical Therapy and Yoga and keep up to date on all their latest news!

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