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I disliked our entryway since the first time we looked at the house.  My husband and the Realtor convinced me we could make changes to it.  I can’t even remember what those suggestions were because they never actually happened.  I loved the rest of the house and property so I decided I could just deal with the entryway.

entry before
entry before

I tried to make the existing features work for us.  Long story short, it simply didn’t function.  I couldn’t deal anymore.  One evening I decided I wanted to remove the bottom shelf to make room for a basket holding hats and mittens.  After much effort, I realized I couldn’t just remove the shelf; the whole corner shelving had to come down.  An hour later, my entryway was beginning to be transformed.

You too can change your space to make it work for you.  

Using my entryway as an example, we will follow the 5 Simple Steps to Staying Organized created by Vermont’s Porter Ball Knight.  To help us remember the five steps, Knight uses the acronym FOCUS.

  • Forward thinking
  • Open space
  • Concentric circles
  • Upright storage
  • Simple systems

Let’s begin…

Forward Thinking – “We put things away so we can find them again when we need them.” (Knight) Therefore, the items to stay in the entryway are those we need to leave the house.  In winter, we need our coats, mittens and hats handy.  We mostly drive to the places we are going.  Car keys are essential.

Entryway Makeover 6

Open Space – Have you ever heard of less is more or blank space is visually pleasing.  Well, it’s true.  Clear the space so you see more blanks.  Empty space is calming to the mind and body.  Remember physical clutter can cause mental clutter.  Demolishing the corner shelving caused open space for the entryway.

Entryway Makeover 11

Concentric Circles – Knight’s concentric circles are described as having the more frequently used items in your first and closest circle.  The less frequently used gradually move further away from the body or space.  Car keys are within arms reach while the headlamps my husband and daughter use are in the ceramic bowl on the shelf.  If it doesn’t have a place within the circle, it’s placed further way.

Upright Storage – Do Not Pile.  Period.  “Using upright space also creates greater openness because it gets things off flat surfaces like counters, desks and floors.”  A coat hook is faster than a hanger.  (Knight)

Simple Systems – If it’s too complicated to be put away, it won’t be.  The least amount of steps is best for you and your family to maintain an organized home.  Abby can reach her coat and backpack without asking for help.  They’re stored at her height.  Keys slide easily onto the hook.  BoxTops can be saved with ease in the holder.  I made it during my Back to School Organizing.

box top holder
box top holder

There you have it.  An Entryway working efficiently for my family. And a little peace of mind for me.

entry after
entry after

You can use Porter Knight’s 5 Simple Steps to Staying Organized with any place in your home or contact Simply Planned for one-on-one support.


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