To My Angry Little Person, Love, Your Mama


Dear Angry Little Person,

This evening was a doozy, my angry little person. You fought with your brother over the placement of game pieces in Candy Land, so much so that the game got put away before the first spin. You called me “poopy” when I told you that you had lost time on your tablet for not listening to me. I had to ask you at least 14 times to get undressed for your bubble bath. You screamed and screeched when your brother was holding your toy dragon and wanted to sit in the tub with you. You sweetly asked me, “Mommy, can I pleeaase use the tablet,” but quickly went back to hollering after I calmly answered, “No.”

My angry little person- I had to close the bathroom door because your yells were starting to hurt my ears. I took your little brother out of the tub after a quick wash so he wasn’t subjected to your ear-piercing screams. It’s doubtful you even heard me tell you to dry off and get your jammies on through your relentless fits of rage

angry little person bright little brother
Family will always be there to cheer you up

It makes my heart hurt to see you get so angry. To have you go from my sweet, happy boy to a screaming lunatic when you don’t get your way. Some days I wonder if I’ve been too lenient and if I haven’t been stern enough with my nos.

But I also get it. You are still so young, my angry little person. Your emotions come so strongly and you are still learning how to deal with them. There are times I wish I could scream and holler and call people names too. I don’t because it’s socially unacceptable for me, a grown woman, to throw a temper tantrum. I’ve also learned the consequences of name-calling and fighting with the people I care about. I hope to teach these important lessons to you, but for now, I’m trying to appreciate the uncensored reactions you have to the world around you.

angry little person head in snow
Current Mood

I know you might be trying to hurt my feelings when you act this way. I know you’re feeling hurt. I hope you also know that I love you no matter what you do or say. I will do my best to take a deep breath and to help you work through your momentary rage. When you are ready for a hug, I’ll be right here to give it to you. When you erupt and spew out “I hate you,” I will tell you that I love you.

You’re quick to be angry but you’re also quick to love, quick to laugh, and quick to be silly. You are only six years old, after all.  

angry little person collage happy boy
Most days, Life is pretty good

So while you cool off, I’ll be hanging up your wet towel, putting your dirty clothes in the hamper, and doing what I can to continue to take care of you, my sometimes angry little person. The world can be tough and you’ll have big feelings, so just know that I’ll be here to help you through them.

I love you,



  1. I try to remember to handle things in a loving way. It’s hard when I’ve been screeched at and had small cars flung at me. I so hope it stays with them and they think of these moments when they raise their own children! (or when they are setting up my assisted living)

  2. To a very good Mom, from another Mom who undoubtedly didn’t handle all things correctly!! I know and feel your frustration; however, as the years go by your angry little man will appreciate all the love and kindness that you have given him all through the years. Keep smiling, and doing what you’re doing because it comes with a deep love from within!! Your family are all very fortunate to have you in their lives.

  3. I know all too well your struggles. Every. Day. Over. Every. Thing. It’s exhausting, and it makes you seriously question your parenting skills, especially, when you know you’re being judged by everyone…including your own family.

    • It definitely doesn’t help when there are judgy eyes on you! Though I don’t think there is a single parent that has it all figured out. I’ve actually had more child-less friends try to give me advice, to which I wanted to LOL


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