Create A Useful Accessory: How to Organize Your Purse


Is your purse a bottomless pit?

Messy Purse

Does it take you five minutes to find your keys?

Do you have to dump the entire contents out to find what you need?


Let’s turn your purse into a fashionable AND useful accessory.

1. Compartments

Find a handbag with compartments.  Everything will have its place in your bag rather than everything at the bottom.

2. Zippers

A zipper will be a barrier for little hands and unexpected spills off the passenger seat.

3. Mini Purse

Large bags may be trendy but they are also bulky. Keep a mini purse in your handbag and leave your large bag in the car when running errands. Your mini purse will have the essentials like license, credit card and cash. Find one with a wristlet.

4. Containers or Pouches

Do you love a bag with one pocket? No problem. Use pouches to sort like items.

5. Coupon Wallet

How often do you leave your coupons on the kitchen counter? Store your coupons and receipts in this mini filing folder. You’ll have them when you need them.

6. Wallet Content List

Identity theft is easier than ever so protect yourself by knowing what’s in your wallet and who to contact if things are lost or stolen. I used this one.

7. Clear out

At the end of each week, clear out your purse. Remove spare change, papers, and extra pens. Return your handbag to its original state weekly.

8. Go Electronic

Take out that heavy planner. Replace it with a SmartPhone or Tablet. You’ll have access to your calendar and reminders without the weight.

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