Count Your Blessings


As Thanksgiving nears I can’t help but feel nostalgic. The feelings of gratefulness, thankfulness, and pride are smothering (in a good way).

As a Mother of four I can tell you that I honestly have days (and nights) when I feel, let’s say, less than thankful. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely adore my children but, I would be lying if I said it was always sunshine and flowers. I come from an extended family that did everything together. I miss that.

Togetherness, though, is the main trait or tradition that I want my kids to remember and pass on.

2013 photo session 4

As life gets busy and the days seem shorter it’s this togetherness that is sacrificed. I should know. I feel this togetherness, the togetherness that I have cherished all of my life, slipping. Did I mention that I have four kids? Four kids that vary in age (12, 10, 6, and 3). This means that their interests, wants, and accomplishments are all different. Thus, my focus, my ideal togetherness is sometimes non-existent. From soccer every day to tae kwon do to preschool songs my days are jam packed full of various activities. And I love every minute of it! I love watching my daughters run the ball down the field, talk Pokémon with my six year old, or sing marvelous preschool songs with my three year old. I love seeing their faces as they see these accomplishments as only they can, wide-eyed and full of wonder.   On top of the world.

It is this togetherness that I yearn for though. The days that we do have this togetherness are the days that I am overcome with gratefulness…thankfulness.

So this Thanksgiving, as you count your blessings, count these crazy times too. These fleeting moments of togetherness may not be a constant, but as I am learning, can be squeezed into these hectic moments-days where you think they couldn’t possibly fit. Although I know all too well that it may not be possible with every activity, with every kid, I am proof that it is.


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