Breastfeeding Your Adopted Infant


I have to admit that I was a bit shocked when I first heard that it was possible to breastfeed an adopted child. We were in the middle of our adoption process and I was obsessed with adoption forums which is where I first came across information about breastfeeding an adopted infant.

Breastfeeding your adopted infant1

The idea sounded amazing to me and made me want to find out more. I started scouring the Internet for information and found several resources. I also talked to our adoption social worker who put me in touch with some women who had successfully done it and some who were interested in trying it as I was.

If you are considering adoption or in the process, there are many reasons to consider breastfeeding your adopted infant, among which are the health benefits, the benefits of the physical connection and skin to skin contact that breastfeeding provided and the bond that it would create between you and your child.

While it did not work out for me to breastfeed my daughter for a myriad of reasons, I wanted to share some of the resources I found for adoptive moms who may be considering this option:

Breastfeeding your adopted infant3

  1. La Leche League International – A great resource not only for adoptive moms but all moms who have questions or need support with breastfeeding. This international group helps mother’s around the globe to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support.


  1. Books – There are several books on the subject of breastfeeding an adopted infant and re-lactation
  1. Blogs and articles on the Internet – There are numerous blogs and articles dedicated to breastfeeding an adopted infant. One advantage at reading these blogs is that you can get a good understanding of the process from someone who has gone through it.



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