Meredith Bartolo Pappas

Meredith Bartolo Pappas
Meredith is originally from New Jersey but has been living in Vermont for decades. She is a licensed teacher and reading specialist with almost twenty years of teaching experience. Her specialties are literacy, social-emotional development, and being silly. She is also a children’s book enthusiast, artist, writer, and mom of two. She loves all things bookish, magical, and cozy. Find her on Instagram @meredithinks and @storyadventureswithmeredith.
a woman with a calendar in her hands is it menopause

Is It Menopause or Am I Pregnant?: A 45 Year-Old Mom Learns To Love...

Being a middle-aged woman is the best! Besides the fact that you can literally hurt your back sleeping wrong, you now get to ask yourself the fun question: is it menopause or am I...
mom holding her head while two children sit on her pressure of modern motherhood

The Excruciating Pressure of Modern Motherhood

What is that feeling in my chest? Is it love for my two wonderful children? Maybe. But more likely, it’s extreme anxiety because of the pressure of modern motherhood. Do you feel it too?  Am...

The Unexpected Benefits of Mom Life After 40

While at my daughter’s gymnastics class, someone made a reference to Nick At Night and my old Gen X heart soared. Is there someone here who remembers Nick At Night besides me? Let’s be...
Parenting as an introvert Venn Diagram: comfort zone in one circle and all the social things you need to do with/for your kids in another. No overlap.

I Need Some Space: Parenting as an Introvert

I wish that I knew that I was an introvert before I had children. Because parenting as an introvert is quickly teaching me that I need alone time in order to recharge my batteries.  I...
A person holding up a book with a red cover in front of their face

Get Your Book Club on: Great Books for Busy Moms

Remember life before kids, when you could read a great book without any interruptions? As a mom of two, every book I read has to be put down roughly eight hundred times per page...

Easy Preschool Valentines Made With Love, But Not Food

Before having kids, I never made a big deal out of Valentine's Day, but now I fully embrace the opportunity to have another day to spread love. The only problem is that when preschool...

Eyes On Your Own Plate: Dealing With Multiple Food Sensitivities

Hi, my name is Meredith and I’m food sensitive. It means just what it sounds like, that I have multiple food sensitivities. Major ones. My food sensitivities are not an eating disorder, although that...

Tried and True Tips for Raising Kids Who Love To Read

The other day while cleaning the house with my two kids, my son desperately asked if we could take a “reading break” and my daughter enthusiastically backed him up. It took everything I had...

Hello Kindergarten: Tips For Getting Kids Kindergarten Ready

Oh, fall, how I love you. Cooler weather, apple picking, beautiful leaves, and back-to-school time! Sure, I’ll miss the beach and the (sort of) lazy days, but I welcome the routine and rhythm of...
family camping- looking out from the doorway of their tent

Camping With Young Children and Actually Enjoying It

Summer is around the corner and that always gets me thinking of camping with my family. While I love being out in nature with my kids and my spouse, camping with young children can...

My Favorite Bedtime Books For Toddlers and Up 

Fun fact about me, I am pretty obsessed with books and reading… and by pretty, I mean completely. No shame in my book-obsessed game! But there is a slight problem with an obsession like...