Juliana Taylor

Juliana Taylor
Home Birth Midwife. Mom. Born and raised in Norwich, Vermont. My husband and I met in a Biology class while students at the University of Vermont, and we hit it off over the subject of home birth. Quite a match! We live in Burlington with our two daughters and two dogs while my husband completes medical residency at the University of Vermont. Most of my time is spent with my family or being with growing families. Apart from maternity care, I enjoy Bikram yoga, crafting, sewing, gardening/farming, traveling, and cooking. Follow me on Instagram @BabyAndJulep

Paleo “Bread” Base Recipe

Sensitive to particular food groups? Eating Paleo? Looking for a flavorful “bread” recipe that is healthy and low on the glycemic index? I’ve got one to share with you! My mom and I came up...

4 Soups To Warm Your Soul, Body, and Pocket

4 Soups To Warm Your Soul, Body, and Pocket One of my all-time favorite chefs are life-partners David and Luise, creators of healthy vegetarian recipes and Green Kitchen Stories. They have numerous curated books filled...

The First Hour after Birth: A Baby’s 9 Instinctive Stages

The First Hour after Birth: A Baby’s 9 Instinctive Stages So much effort is devoted to preparing for labor and birth throughout pregnancy, but what happens after the baby is born?! One minute, your baby...

Pumpkin Picking and Corn Maze Round Up!

Autumn in Vermont is, by far, my season. The shift from hot and humid summer days to cool and crisp autumn days leads our family to slow our rhythms and turn our attention inward...

You CAN exercise at home AND sweat!

Do you find it difficult to incorporate exercise into your daily routine? Do you feel only motivated when in the gym or group fitness classes? Do you think it is impossible achieve a solid and sweaty...
The benefits of a Doula

Doula Support? YES

Doula support? YES More and more individuals and families are choosing to use the support of a Doula during their childbearing year, and specifically during the birthing process. I am a certified professional midwife, certified...

Bountiful Bacteria

Recently, I’ve “discovered” the vibrant renaissance of fermented foods and the playful process of experimenting with my own ferments. For centuries, fermentation played a vital role in preserving seasonal raw foods and increasing their...

The Committee on Temporary Shelter {COTS}

“The BVTMB team is thrilled to do a monthly series on local non-profit organizations in our community. Each month our team we will highlight a different non-profit with the hopes to educate and support all...

The Importance of Postpartum Nutrition

There is no doubt that giving birth requires phenomenal physical, emotional, and spiritual energy. I certainly felt zapped and depleted for weeks after giving birth to my daughter. Nutrition, rest, and complimentary therapies work...
Couple outside in the winter of VT

Transition Away From Chaos with Family Rituals

I used to be the kind of person who filled each day to the brim with a diverse array of activites and commitments. Confined chaos, unpredictability, and sprinkles spontaneity. I desired to accomplish as...
Guide to Home Birth in Vermont

Guide To Home Birth In Vermont

In a recent article written by the New York Times on the role of midwives in American births, Mary Lawlor, a Vermont CPM and Executive Director of the National Association of Certified Professions Midwives,...

Having a Baby? Four Books To Get You Through The Childbearing Years

There are many, ever-changing books, blogs, and websites on the topics of pregnancy, labor and birth, breastfeeding, and newborn/child wellness. Whether you are having your first or fourth baby, you may find the scope...

Are You An Adventurous Cook?

  Fall, for many reasons, is my favorite season of the year. Not only is it a time for family, food, and festivities, but a time of reflection, thoughtfulness, and gratitude as we look toward...

Considering An Out-Of-Hospital Birth?

Choosing a care provider and the environment within which you will give birth is a huge decision with a lasting impact. It is important to be thoughtful and informed while honoring your desires. Are...