Are you a Procrastinator? It’s ok, I am too!


It’s that time of year again: mid December …. “Go time” or in my world…. Procrastination central!!

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s hard not to feel busy! And if you’re like me, you’ve waited to the last minute to just about everything…

The to-do lists are endless and for some reason there’s an enormous amount of pressure. It’s as if I woke up one morning and it was December 15th; I have no idea what happened to early December or why I wasn’t starting these projects earlier. I’m left feeling like I usually do- I swear I had more time!

Simple tasks seem quite daunting in the final hours. Here are 3 things that you’ve got to do, but sometimes at the last minute, at least for me!

1. Holiday cards


If it were any other time of year, I would jump on the idea of making a greeting card with a picture of my family. I feel like I would put more time and energy into choosing the right picture with the right background. In mid December, it’s just got to get done. After multiple trips to the South Burlington bathroom-sized post office (with my toddler and then leaving immediately because the line was out the door) my cards are in the mail–woo hoo! I’m giving myself a HUGE pat on the back for that one and you should too! If only I had started this process in early December, I may have avoided the lines. Next year it will happen!!

2. Decorating the tree

christmas tree

I really do love decorating the tree! The smell, the feel, the nostalgia, the music in the background–the tradition just brings me back to childhood. But this year was quite the involved process, as it took us 4 days to get the tree cut down, brought in the house, placed in the stand and then fully decorated. First night, we started and then I got called out for work so naturally I wouldn’t let my husband finish without me. Duh. When I got home, we decided we were too tired. Second night, we realized that most of our lights didn’t work but it was too late to run to Loews.
Third night, got lights up but we didn’t get to the decorating part. Fourth night, success!! My toddler daughter even helped 🙂 baby steps right?

3. And lastly, the shipping of the gifts out of state

sending gifts

Oopsie. If you’re like me that hasn’t exactly happened yet. As far as I’ve gotten is making out the list of gift ideas. My mom lives in Texas so it’s takes some time to get the gifts there.
Last year, I sort of ran out of time so I ended up buying some gift certificates online so as to take the shopping and then the shopping right out of the equation. Genius!
As far as I’ve gotten this year, is researching spa packages in her town that I can once again; order and get mailed directly to mama! I meant to start this earlier, I really did!

I dream about sending sweet photos and moments of Simone and my family members decorated with pretty red bows and arriving in mid December just in time for Christmas. Instead I find myself right where I was last year, paying an arm and leg to expedite my online shopping since I waited too long to get on this.

I hope that next year I’ll start the process earlier, but for now, I’ll sit back, relax and enjoy the holiday 🙂