A Work in Progress


What should they know about me? This is the question I keep asking as I’m sitting here trying to write an introductory post about myself. What should they know? Here I am staring at my computer screen trying to come up with something clever or interesting to say, but I keep glancing back at my disheveled living room that looks like a tornado just blew through. That “tornado” would be my lovely daughter Nora. And this seems to be the story of my life lately; a long list of to do’s with an energetic toddler and a messy living room vying for my attention.

When Shannon and I decided to start this blog I knew it was a big commitment and I knew that it would cause me to have to reprioritize and examine my schedule, but I wasn’t quite prepared for the pull I would feel between playing with my daughter and getting my to do list accomplished. I wish I could say that my daughter always wins in this battle, but I often find myself more focused on the tasks at hand than her. I’ve been a stay at home mom since she was born, so this struggle is new to me as I try and figure out what it looks like to be a mommy and complete all of my work-related commitments. It definitely gives me a great appreciation for working mommas who deal with this on a consistent basis and to a much great degree than I do.

While it has been difficult to find a balance, I’ve found much joy from being a momma and working on this blog. It is nice to have something that allows me a sense of accomplishment away from strictly being a mommy. At first I felt guilty for saying this, like it was against the unwritten mom code. But I quickly discovered that it was OK to feel that way. It in no way invalidates how much I love being a mom or how much I love my daughter. I’ve discovered that I can do both, and that they can both be fulfilling in different ways.

So what should you know about me?  I’m a woman who struggles to keep her priorities straight. A wife who loves her husband dearly, a mom who takes great delight in her daughter, and a blogger and a work at home momma who’s trying to figure this whole thing out. Simply put, I’m a work in progress.

Can any of you mommas relate to the struggle to find balance and being a work in progress?

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Nissa Sutphen
Nissa is the Large Events Coordinator for Twin Cities Moms Blog. She was the previous owner of BurlingtonVT Moms Blog before moving back to Minnesota with her family in November 2015. She loves spending time with her husband Robin and her two daughters, Nora and Maggie, and is excited to welcome some testosterone into the mix with the impending arrival of her first son in March 2016. She loves traveling and exploring new places with those she loves, getting lost in a great novel, and dance parties in her living room.


  1. I totally relate! In fact, the post on Quad City this morning really spoke to me b/c I work and do the blog and have the toddler hanging on my leg … I love getting it all done and having my hand in lots of pots, but how do you know when to let something go (which I am not good at) and just be? So hard!


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