A Review of Bare Laser Hair Removal: Hint – I’M IN LOVE


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{Disclaimer – I received laser hair removal at no cost from Bare, however, the opinions expressed are fully my own and I ain’t lying – I LOVED IT.} Also – I apologize ahead of time for showing you pictures of my arm pits.

The title and disclaimer of this post give you an instant clue as to whether or not I would endorse Bare. When I talked to Jamie about reviewing their laser hair removal services, I was excited at the idea of never shaving my arm pits again. I mean, as the meme goes, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!

We started the process with a quick consultation, which Bare provides at no cost to anyone who is considering their services. My first question came directly from my kids who I had told I was looking into laser hair removal. “How can using a laser on your skin be safe? Haven’t you ever watched Star Wars?” I left the Star Wars part of the question out of my conversation with Jamie but she did reassure me of the safety of laser hair removal. I was impressed immediately at the professionalism and knowledge that was shown and decided to jump right in.

“Does it hurt?”

This is the one question that everyone who I’ve told about my experience with laser hair removal has asked (and I’ve been telling errrrbody). The truth? Not that much. Here’s my attitude: I’ve given birth to three children. Lasers don’t scare me. The pain is there, don’t get me wrong, but it’s over with so quickly that you barely have time to think about a swear word much less yell it out. It’s a quick few zaps and you’re done. I had no residual pain after the treatment was done. On a scale of 1 to I delivered an eight pound baby with no epidural, I give it a 1.5. Don’t let the fear of pain hold you back – it’s worth it. Promise.

“Does it work?”

I will give a resounding YES. Here’s what happens:

You have your first session, after a couple of weeks the dead follicles start making their way out. You loofah those babies out of there. After a few weeks you’re like, “OMG IT WORKED.” By the time your second session comes around, you are seeing more hair growth. This repeats until about the fourth session. At that time, I saw less hair growth. Jamie had to up the strength of the laser (a little more pain than before but totally no big deal) to get the remaining hair. You go on like this for about 6-8 sessions. The hair stops growing back!

Know before you go:

* Buy a package – you may be tempted to buy just one or two sessions to save money. Don’t do it! It will more than likely take the full 6-8 sessions to get complete results and buying a package will save you money in the long run. Bare also provides payment options so keep that in mind as well if you are overwhelmed by the total cost!

* Shave first – before each session, you need to shave the areas that are going to be lasered. For that reason, shave before your consultation just in case you are like me and respond with, “Let’s do this!” after the Bare staff rocks your socks.

* Avoiding direct sunlight is needed after treatment – I began my treatments during the summer  months, so I had to be cautious not to expose my underarms to direct sunlight. This was no problem since I don’t make it a habit to sun my armpits, but it is definitely something to consider if you are treating a part of your body that sees a lot of sun during the warm months. Thankfully (silver lining?) Vermont gives us lots of months of perfect laser treatment weather.

If you would like to hear more about laser hair removal and all the other services that Bare provides, give them call and set up a consultation!



688 Pine Street, Suite A Burlington, Vermont 05401

802-861-2273     [email protected]



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