A Mommy Mistake


Abby calls to me to come to her room.  As I enter and see her big smile, I remember I failed as a mother.

I didn’t get up last night to take her tooth and place $2 under her pillow.  I wasn’t the Tooth Fairy.  My heart sinks as her smile fades.  The tooth is still there. I immediately tell her she must go back to sleep.  She looks out her window at the morning glow, confused.

“She only will come when you’re sleeping.”

I race back to my bedroom and confess to my husband my mistake, grab money from his wallet and wait…  I wait for my non-sleepy child to sleep.  It doesn’t come. I tiptoe into her room, the floor creaks giving me away.  Her eyes fly wide open; she asks if I will lay with her.  Yes!  I’d love to.  I can be sneaky.  As I climb into her bed, I tuck the $2 under the pillow she’s laying on.

She checks her tissue.  Of course, the tooth is still there. Damn. After what seems like an eternity, I remove the tooth from the tissue without her knowing.

Where do I put the tooth?  I don’t have pockets in my pajamas.  If I keep it in my hand, I run the risk of  getting caught.  Think. Think. Think. My mouth.  I put my daughter’s tooth in my mouth.  Yes, really.  It’s gross.  Trust me I know.  I’d rather swallow a human tooth than tell my daughter the tooth fairy doesn’t exist.

Mommy Mistake

Luckily, she didn’t question me and I didn’t have to swallow a tooth.  The make believe tradition of the tooth fairy will go on.  And I recovered from my mommy mistake.

Has the tooth fairy forgotten your child?  What did you do or say to recover?



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