A Happy Farewell


BurlingtonVT Moms Blog started out as two women’s dream to give a voice to Vermont Moms and has grown into a huge network that offers Vermont moms support, community, and connection. We celebrated our 5 year anniversary this past October. It also marked the anniversary of Tasha and Josilyn purchasing BVTMB from Nissa Sutphen, the founder of BVTMB two years ago. 

The past couple of years have been amazing, but as we began planning for 2018, we took a moment to pause and reflect. We both came to the realization that each of our seasons with BVTMB had come to an end.
For Tasha, her three sons are older with one starting to plan for college and the other two about to enter high school. As this change of life brings new challenges, she quickly became aware that her time with BVTMB, which started five years ago as one of the original writers, had come full circle. It is time to move forward and embrace all of the new adventures that are headed her way.
For Josilyn, her kids are on the other end of the spectrum. She left her job as a social worker in 2014 to stay at home with her daughter. Frankly, BVTMB has grown too large and too successful and she’s finding she’s not able to parent and be present with her 4 and 1.5-year-olds the way she wants while juggling working from home.

Being owners of BVTMB has been an immense pleasure and we have truly enjoyed the sense of community and friendship that you, our readers, have offered us over the years. As you can imagine, stepping away from something that we love so much has been a difficult choice, but we know it is what is best for us, our families, and BVTMB.

We are thrilled to share that a longtime member of our team and editor, Jemima Talbot, and her good friend who has experience with event planning and so many other talents, Kathleen Kelly, will be purchasing BVTMB. We could not be more thrilled to pass the torch to these two amazing women. We know that Jemima and Kathleen will continue to grow BVTMB through amazing content and exciting events, and we can not wait to see what fun things they do next!

This isn’t goodbye, it’s just see ya later. And if we are honest, we CANNOT wait to attend BVTMB’s next event and enjoy the swag bags and maybe win some raffle prizes!!!



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