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Heidi Montag was recently photographed all over eating raw bison heart out of a zip lock bag.  What is going on?!?

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What is it?

Raw foodism – Raw diets prohibit cooking food. About 115 degrees Fahrenheit is the maximum temperature that you can expose foods to because enzymes and essential nutrients start to break down at higher temperatures. Raw dieters prepare foods in other ways besides warming them. Salting and pickling are acceptable raw food preparation methods. You can also use a blender to make delicious appetizers and side dishes, such as hummus, salsa, and cold vegetable soups. Equipped with a dehydrator that blow-dries the food, you can make dried meat, raw crackers, cookies, and bread substitutes.

Raw Vegans, Raw Vegetarians (raw eggs and raw dairy products), Raw Carnivores (sushi, carpaccio, tartar, raw animal livers)

The Carnivore Diet (also known as “extreme Carnivores”) – Like Keto on steroids. Grass-fed meat and animal organs and local, organic tree fruit (the least toxic plant food). They aim to eat as many different raw organs in their diet as they can. Raw local honey. Can add salt, not pepper.

Raw Meat Diet – Raw local grass-fed beef and poultry, raw fish, raw dairy, and eggs. With occasional local, raw tree fruits and raw local honey. Basically the same as the carnivore diet but they don’t heat anything above 115 degrees.

The Players

Heidi Montag – 35-year-old former star of The Hills. LA-based. Mother to 4-year-old Gunnar. She claims to be eating only raw meat in order to increase her fertility after trying to conceive her second child for over a year and a half.

Paul Saladino – Dr. Saladino is the leading authority on the science and application of the carnivore diet.

Paul is a physician who completed his residency at the University of Washington. He’s board certified in psychiatry and is a certified Functional Medicine practitioner. He went to medical school at the University of Arizona where he studied integrative medicine and nutritional biochemistry.

Saladino does grill his meat but leaves the organs raw – particularly the liver and heart – as often as possible. He eats about 2 lbs of meat a day. He also eats raw honey (puts it on his steak and burgers.)

Weston Rowe – 39 and lives in Nebraska. Eats raw, protein-rich foods such as beef, liver, chicken, swordfish, and other animal organs. All products are locally sourced from dairy and poultry farms.

He believes that this diet has helped raise his energy levels. He eats 2-3 meals a day and doesn’t snack. The only thing he eats other than raw meats is occasionally fruit. He’s been on this diet for 4 years.

Annie – Functional Nutrition Women’s Health Coach, Occupational Therapist, Yoga Teacher/ Medical Yoga Therapist based in Oregon.

Most people have a hard time digesting normal food, I’d need to see much more to say that this can do more than constipate you and leave you phytonutrient deficient. I’m not buying it.

There is no secret. Eat Whole Foods, stop with packaged stuff, move your body, and manage stress. That’s it! No eating raw meat or drinking period blood! Just put down the Big Mac, move, and maybe go to therapy!

There is an influencer who is telling tens of thousands (maybe more) of her followers to drink their own period blood for the health benefits… no effin way!

Jasmine Alicia Carter – Spanish influencer, age 30. Has close to 25K followers on IG. She is a Sacred Feminine Embodiment Mentor and a period artist (guess what that is!) Her goal is to help women “understand and reclaim the inherent sacredness that lies within their entire menstrual cycle.

She drinks her own period blood to improve her health and well-being (and encourages her followers to do the same. Carter believes that period blood contains essential nutrients like protein, iron, copper, and selenium, as well as antimicrobial properties and even regenerative stem cells. And she even gives herself period blood facials. She says that menstrual blood contains 50x more calcium than regular blood. Her skin does look incredible, I’ll give her that.

Current research states that menstrual blood can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Dermatologists say there isn’t any evidence to back up the notion of period blood.

So is it good for you or bad for you?

Raw animal organs are a great source of nutrients. Many who follow the raw carnivore diet cite more energy, clarity, increased libido, and overall improvement in chronic pain as benefits.

But raw meat can contain parasites. Raw meat and poultry may also contain bacteria, such as E. coli, salmonella, listeria, and staph which can result in food poisoning.

So, organ meat is rich in nutrients but unless you are already deficient in nutrients like zinc, you likely wouldn’t notice a benefit.

Does Raw Meat Increase Fertility?

Today – reached out to Samantha Cassetty, RD, a nutrition and wellness expert and co-author of Sugar Shock “There is absolutely no credible evidence to suggest that eating raw animal organs could help you conceive.”

If you want to increase fertility chances you can make meaningful modifications to your diet like…

  • Limiting Alcohol and Caffeine
  • Reducing your meat consumption
  • Eating a diet rich in whole plant foods, seafood, and dairy.
  • Increasing vitamin D, vitamin B12, and folic acid (which can be done easily through supplements like prenatal vitamins)

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