5 Tips to Reclaim Your Master Bedroom


Reserve your master bedroom for you and your significant other.

All too often, other uses enter your bedroom (office space, electronics, kids’ toys, etc.) and add clutter to a space that should be peaceful and romantic.  We need to be reminded that our master bedrooms are for sleeping (and ah hem you-know-what) not for work or kids.  


Reduce the clutter with these 5 Tips to Reclaim Your Master Bedroom.

5 tips master bedroom

1.       Toy Free Zone 

Allow only books into your bedroom to read with your child.  Otherwise, it’s a toy free zone.  View your master bedroom as “couple space.”  Toys may stay in your child’s room or other common areas.  

2.       No TV Allowed

Refuse to have a TV in your bedroom.  Not only does it disrupt proper sleeping habits and adds potential health risks, it distracts you from your spouse.  Take that TV out today!  Consider this for all electronics.

3.       Keep Nightstands Clutter Free

Avoid bringing too much into your bedroom.  Your nightstand should just have the essentials like lamp, alarm clock, and a book.

4.       Leave Your Work at the Door

Housework, office work, homework, etc. should remain outside the bedroom.  Remember clutter is both physical and emotional.  Your bedroom is to be a calming, private space for you and your partner.

5.       Celebrate Your Relationship

Having fewer sentimental items displayed is more valuable than having several stored in a box somewhere.  Keep and display the items that mean most to you and your relationship.  Remove the excess.  The memory and feeling is inside your mind and body, not the object.

Go ahead and reclaim your bedroom for you and your spouse.



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