5 Minute Makeup


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Reasons I need a 5 minute makeup routine:

Back to school, early mornings, alarm clock didn’t go off, spent too much time scrolling through Facebook. Sound familiar? Using as few steps and products as possible, you can still achieve a polished look without making yourself late!


The easiest way to save your skin and time in the morning is to make sure to cleanse and remove any makeup the night before. You will automatically wake up with a fresh palette and your skin will really thank you! My absolute, hands-down favorite makeup remover is by Avon.

First tackle any blemishes, redness, or under eye circles by correcting and concealing.

bobbi brown corrector
Bobbi Brown Corrector in “Peach”

Use a green-based corrector to mask redness and red blemishes. Use a peach/orange-based corrector to erase dark under-eye circles. My favorite correctors are from Bobbi Brown, as they come in a wide shade range instead of a one size fits all option. Check out my Mombie Eyes blog post for a more in depth look into using correctors. Cover any places you used green or peach with your normal concealer. Do not use a concealer that is a shade lighter, but rather match your skin tone to create an even look. You can skip the correcting if your blemishes/circles aren’t too deeply pigmented and are easily covered by concealer.

Estimated time : 30-60 seconds

If you need a bit more skin help, try a BB or CC cream. These are wonderful because they provide light coverage and go on as easily as moisturizer making application very quick. Bonus points: BB/CC creams usually contain SPF which saves you another step. If you go to Sephora with a bare face they will color match you for free with their fancy Color IQ.. SO COOL!

naked skin
Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm

Estimated time: 30 seconds

Next, give those lashes a little love. Curling them will make you appear more awake, and giving them at least one coat of mascara will define them.


Estimated time: 60 seconds

Now pick something you would like to accentuate.

Do you like bold lips? Use a balm stain for a bolder look without having to be too precise.


balm stain1  Can’t skip eyeshadow? Swipe on a cream shadow or colored primer for all day wear.

color tattoo1

Love liner? Use a smudgy kohl that will easily glide on and is forgiving with mistakes.

Must have blush? Pick a cream blush that can be applied and blended out quickly!stila cream

For me, I would spend the extra time on my eyebrows (more detailed brow post here) but pick your favorite and play it up with the remaining time!

Maybe your makeup routine only takes 5 minutes anyway daily or maybe this helped you focus on key points to get out the door.

Either way, Good luck mamas and until next time, stay beautiful! 


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