4 reasons why your kids need these boots this winter season (and beyond)


{Disclaimer: We are working with See Kai Run Winter Boots to bring you this post. However, all opinions are our own!}

I recently read a blog post about meaningful gift giving and it completely inspired me to write this post. You see, we are Vermonters. That means “something they wear” AND “something they need”  both fall into this category.

That’s right, I’m talking about winter boots.

As I write this post, I’m staring outside and watching the snow envelope our lawn, streets, sidewalks, etc. The school bus still came on time, and the prospect of a White Christmas is almost always a done deal. Pretty sweet right?! But with all of this snow it’s also a guarantee that every year our kids need a new pair of winter boots. As a mom of 2 super active boys, I’ve tried them alllll. And I’m pretty excited that this year we were given the opportunity to try a new pair of boots from See Kai Run. We couldn’t be more excited about the outcome. So rather than tell you about how much my boys love them, I thought I would tell you why we do.

{1} Your kids can wear them ALL YEAR LONG

One of my biggest pet peeves about buying boots is that they literally last for a few months and then you are done with them. Businesses all over the world are probably laughing at Vermonters like ourselves, who get stuck spending hundreds of dollars to assure our kids feet stay dry and warm every year… literally for only a few months. These boots actually worked for us through all of the fall and we know they will continue on until spring. What’s more, when your kid has that random summer “I WANT MY BOOTS” moment, these boots will last well and still be flexible enough to manage the summer month activities (see movement below). Seriously, here are a few pictures of my kiddos and Josilyn’s loving their boots through the seasons:

see kai run fall boots
Hiking this fall
kids in see kai run winter boots
Winter (you can’t see the boots because they were happily hidden under the snow.)


{2} The Price is Right

I mentioned above but another pet peeve about buying new winter boots is the price. We have 2 boys and they destroy everything in their wake. So as you can imagine buying a new pair of boots every winter just to have them either (1) destroyed or lost OR (2) grown out of in just one season adds up. What I love about these boots, aside from the fact that you can wear them year round, is that you don’t have to trade your left kidney to afford them. In fact, I was checking out their site today and saw some of the winter boots are even on sale for as low as $15!

Snag See Kai Run Boots On Clearance While You Can

{3} Your kids can move

Whenever we bring our kids to Echo, or another indoor play space during the colder months we always find ourselves lugging around multiple pairs of shoes. Not necessarily because we are afraid of getting a kids museum dirty or because we struggle with wanting multiple wardrobe changes for our kids. It’s because kids boots are often stiff and CLUNKY. Our kids run around, and go nuts when they are at any kind of play space, so we want to feel  like they are also safe and not about to trip over themselves from a huge pair of shoes. Same goes for hiking in the fall or spring and running around through outdoor trails. These boots are lovely because you don’t have to also lug around extra shoes for fear of your kids falling on their face. Here’s Zayne pulling out his best Ninja moves in his boots: 

{4} They are adorable

No question, these boots are awesome. My kids LOVED picking out their own pair of boots and are super happy with their selections. See Kai Run has shoes and boots ranging all the way from newborn to 8 years old and every pair we have ever owned we simply love for all the reasons above + the fact that they have some of the most adorable designs. Check them out for yourself by visiting their site and snag your kids a pair this holiday season. You won’t regret it!

Even Josilyn's baby loves his new boots

We would love to hear, what our your favorite boots and have you tried out See Kai Run for yourself?

We are working with See Kai Run to bring you this post. However, all opinions are our own!
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