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Who is she?

  • Wife of a celebrity
  • Former PR rep at Golden Books and Tommy Hilfiger
  • Multiple scandals and lawsuits – including plagiarism, cheating (first marriage, messy divorce)
  • Considered an author and philanthropist

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The Timeline

  • September 12, 1971 – Born Nina Danielle Sklar in Oyster Bay, NY
  • Middle child of 3 girls
  • Grew up in Burlington, VT
  • Attended and Graduated from UVM (circa 1992)
  • Moved to NYC – worked PR for Golden Books and then Tommy Hilfiger
  • 1995 – changes her name from Nina Sklar to Jessica Sklar by a Manhattan judge (no explanation to be found)
  • June 1998 – Marries Eric Neederlander – Broadway producer and heir
  • A few months BEFORE the wedding, she meets Jerry Seinfeld (17 years older) at a Reebok Sports Club (rumors she timed her workouts in order to be there when he was)
  • Begins Dating Jerry IMMEDIATELY upon returning from her 3-week honeymoon in Italy
  • October 1998 – Nederland files for divorce (after 4 months of marriage)
  • November 1999 – engaged to Jerry
  • December 25, 1999 – married to Jerry (with plans to get pregnant immediately – “to cement the deal”)
  • Early 2000’s – press tour to improve her image (they really do seem to be in love and have been happily married now for 23 years)
  • November 7, 2000 – Daughter Sascha born in NYC
  • March 1, 2003 – Son Julian born in NYC
  • August 2, 2005 – Son Shepherd born in NYC
  • 2001 – Founded Baby Buggy (now called – Good+ Foundation, as of 2016), which provides clothing and food to struggling young mothers.
  • 2007 – released first cookbook – Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food – #1 NYT Best Seller (5 months) and #1 on AmazonControversy – Following her book’s release, another cookbook author, Missy Chase Lapine, sued both Seinfelds, accusing Jessica of copyright and trademark infringement. In the same lawsuit, Lapine also accused Jerry Seinfeld of defamation, after he appeared on Late Show with David Letterman on October 29, 2007, and called Lapine “angry and hysterical,” a “wacko,” a “stalker” and a “nut job,” and suggested that “people with three names … become assassins.
  • In 2009, U.S. District Court Judge Laura Taylor Swain dismissed all claims against Jessica Seinfeld and in 2011, the state court dismissed the remaining defamation claim against Jerry Seinfeld.
  • 2010 – second cookbook – Double Delicious
  • 2010 – launches Do It Delicious website for beginner cooks
  • 2013 – third cookbook – The Can’t Cook Book
  • 2021 – fourth cookbook (plant-based) – which I bought!

In Conclusion

Jessica Seinfeld was the original celebrity-wife grifter. She walked so Hilaria Baldwin could run.

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