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Who is she?

Fake German Heiress

Real name – Anna Sorokin or Anna Sorokina

Arrested in 2017 for grand larceny, theft of services, and more!

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The Timeline

  • 1991 – Born in Russia, south of Moscow – She had 1 other sibling.
    • Father was a truck driver
    • Mother owned a convenience store and became a housewife
  • 2007 – Moved from Russia to Germany (Anna was 16 years old).
  • 2011 – She graduated from high school and went on to college at Central Saint Martins which is sister school to University of the Arts London – but she quit and went back to Germany.
    • Back in Germany, she starts working as an Intern at a PR firm. Then she relocates to Paris to work as an intern at a french fashion Magazine, Purple.
    • It’s then she starts going by Anna Delvey – in the show she says that it’s her moms maiden name, but her parents say they have no knowledge of where she got the name Delvey from.
  • Summer 2013 – Goes to NYC for NY Fashion Week. She likes NY and decides to stay, transfers her internship to Purple’s NY office.
    • Quits Purple.
    • Anna Delvey Foundation idea is created.
  • 2013 – Stays with Billy McFarland (of Fyre Festival fame) for 4 months.
  • January 2014 – Anna and Hunter Lee Soik both share similar pics on their own social media of a portrait of Azzedine Alaïa. Then continue to share similar pics all from Paris around the same time too.
  • September 2014 – Ibiza Trip, yacht picture on Anna’s IG tagged Hunter Lee Soik and Jayma Cardoso. Jayma Cardoso is believed to be the Talia Mallay character in the Netflix show.
    • Agnes Gund is beleived to be Nora in the Netflix show. She’s a philanthropist, NYC based, started school based art programs due to funding cuts. Similar looks, brooches.
  • 2015 – Meets Michael Xufu Huang (UPenn student) at a dinner party who plans to open a private art museum.
  • Early 2016 – Meets Rachel Williams
  • Fall of 2016 – Anna returns to Germany (Cologne) before her visa expires.
  • Early 2017 – Returns to US and checks in at 11 Howard (February)
  • May 2017 – Morocco Trip – a trip out of the US to reset her visa (odd since she had just returned to the US).
    • Rachel booked the plane tickets – which she attributes to a “minor snafu” in the Vanity Fair article but doesn’t say why she ended up doing that since Anna said she was paying for the trip.
    • Anna picked the place for their getaway and the resort (which was $7k/night)
    • Out shopping (kaftans/dresses), Anna’s card gets declined. Rachel almost gives her an excuse, she asked her if she told her credit card company she was traveling. Anna said no. Then Rachel covers the shopping trip. Anna says she’ll pay her back.
    • After shopping they go to a restaurant for dinner, where Rachel also pays. Anna again, promising to pay her back.
    • At this point in their trip (3 days in), the hotel starts asking for Anna, then Rachel, for payment. Anna seems to take care of the issue.
    • Day 4 they go on a day trip – return to hotel and this is when (as depicted in the show) the guards are like no we need a working credit card. Rachel shares that it’s so uncomfortable so she excuses herself to a different room to give Anna and the guards privacy to discuss the financial issue.
    • Day 5 – Trainer has been sick for 2 days and needs to go home. Trainer books a flight home. Rachel calls the concierge to get a car to the airport for the trainer and the guards return instead.
    • Trainer leaves goes home. The guards and Anna pressure Rachel to put her CC down as a hold, not for the final charge. With the thinking that the final charge will go to whatever Anna coordinates once her payment method is figured out.
    • Rachel gives them her credit card for the hold. She then gets notified by American Express that there’s irregular activity on her account. She thinks that the hold isn’t going to be processed, so that’s why it’s showing on the account. Like it won’t go through it’s a temporary hold.
    • Rachel leaves the next day (6). This isn’t specified in the article, but on a podcast (NATCP) she says that was always the plan, she couldn’t take weeks off of work to travel.
    • Rachel gets back to NYC and Anna tells her that she’ll wire her $70k to cover the charge/trip expenses. So this is when Rachel realizes that, they did/will in fact be charging her card for the full amount at the hotel.

In Conclusion

This chick is wild. The audacity. THE AUDACITY. Or, is she like a Robin Hood? Is she a narcissist? Is she a sociopath? It’s hard to say for sure… but the story sure is fun!

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