28. Blossom… Is that you hosting Jeopardy?


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Here’s my Fast Take on a Double Take… while watching Jeopardy

Blossom…. Or Mayim Bialik 

There are so many roles you could recognize this actress from because she’s been on the screen since she was a kid. I was talking about her with a co-worker, and we both thought she did Blossom and then took a hiatus from acting until she did Big Bang Theory. And we wouldn’t be wrong in thinking that because she has said this in interviews, like recently on the Jennifer Hudson show. But after a deep dive, it’s not exactly that cut n’ dry.

But let’s go to where it started.

  • Born December 12th, 1975
  • Raised in California
  • Graduated High School in 1993 from North Hollywood HS
  • But before graduating HS, she started on what would be one of her biggest roles. 
  • She shares that she got into acting by her parents sending out letters and her picture to talent agents when she was little. They thought she looked like a mix of Bette Midler & Barbara Streisand (once you see it you can’t look unsee it).
  • First Audition was for DJ on Full House – obvi she didn’t get that (they said she talks too fast)
  • Her first acting job was in 1988 – Beaches (yes, the one with Bette Midler)
  • From 1991-1995 she played the main character Blossom (14-19 y.o)

Who were the breakout stars in Blossom?

Joey Lawrence (played brother Joey) – since he’s been in tons of film and tv, biggest one was My Fake Fiance & Melissa & Joey alongside Melissa Joan Hart (2009, 2010-2015) and also appeared on Call Me Kat. 

My favorite acting credit for Joey Lawrence was “Touched by An Angel” in 1999. 

Jenna Von Oy (bff Six) – had a few roles before and after, made appearance on Call Me Kat as herself 2022.

What Came Next for Mayim?

  • After Blossom, Mayim left the Industry for 12 years – “went to college, had kids”
  • She went to UCLA where she majored in Neuroscience (2000)
  • Married in 2003 to Michael Stone – Divorced in 2012 (have 2 sons born in 2003 & 2008), met at UCLA in a Calculus class.
  • Studied for Doctorate in Neuroscience – took a break from school in 2005 but earned Doctorate of Philosophy in Neuroscience from UCLA in 2007
  • 2010-2019 – she played Neuroscientist Amy on Big Bang Theory (character Amy was the wife of Sheldon)
  • As of August 2021 – she’s hosting Jeopardy (with Ken Jennings, alternating)
  • Call Me Cat – new show, works on it with Jim Parsons
  • Bialik Breakdown – podcast

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