20. Women Talking by Miriam Toews


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Women Talking – 2022 Major Motion Picture available for rental

Why We Made This Selection and Background Knowledge

Julie: I knew there was Oscar buzz around the movie and that that cast had some big names. I also vaguely knew that it was based on a book and that the book was based on true events.

Claire: Just some news around award season and that Claire Foy was in it.

Before you say which you liked better, did you read the book or listen to the audiobook… because it matters.

Julie: I read it on Kindle.

Claire: Kindle. I did go to Audible and played the sample and when I heard it was created by a man, I thought, “Why is this narrated by a man?” so that’s when I decided to read it. And then when I read it, I got my answer and it made sense why it was narrated by a man.

Overall Opinion of the Book

Julie: It took me a long time to get into it and I really couldn’t keep the characters straight. You know I hate a book with no quotation marks. Since he’s writing quick notes, I think I’d have preferred bullet points. 

I wish I’d read the physical copy because I’d have flipped back often to the list of women in the two families by age. 

The descriptions of the violence are heartbreakingly jarring. It’s even more jarring how casually they are mentioned in the meeting minutes. It’s easy to see why so many of the women and girls are behaving in such odd ways, they’re all coping differently but very clearly struggling.

Claire: I liked it overall. I mean the subject matter wasn’t great, but it isn’t like it was poorly written or anything. It was a little difficult for me to get into though, I just had a hard time picturing it in my mind as I was reading it.

Overall Opinion of the Movie

Julie: This is not a movie you can watch while scrolling your phone. I loved the color pallet used in the film. 

I do like that the narrator was switched to a female POV because they deserve to tell this story. Though, this choice does mean that a lot is left out.

Claire: With what the movie is about, I feel weird saying I liked it, but it’s the acting, the characters, the lens filters or whatever they use, just how everything was tied together I liked.

Which was better?

Julie: The book

Claire: The movie


  1. Was the outcome the same in both the show and the book? Yes
  2. Was the main character/primary narrator the same in the show and the book? No
  3. Was the primary conflict the same in the show and the book? Yes
  4. Would you read the book again or recommend it to a friend? Yes
  5. Would you watch the show/movie again or recommend it to a friend? No

Overall rating: 4/5

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