2.5 Using Your Zodiac Sign to Name Your Child with Sophie Kihm


How to Use Zodiac Names with Sophie Kihm

In our latest episode of Whose Kid is That?!?, we were joined by Sophie Kihm, Editor-in-Chief at Nameberry – the world’s largest website devoted to names. Sophie joins us to discuss Zodiac Names. Sophie has been writing for Nameberry since 2015. She is Nameberry’s resident Name Guru to the Stars, where she suggests names for celebrity babies.

Nameberry recently launched a new tool, Zodiac Names, designed to help expectant parents find the right baby names based on the parents’ astrological signs. Sophie spoke to us about how Zodiac Names work, how it’s different from other astrology/name tools, and applications for naming a baby with a partner.

Check out a little sneak peek at our interview with Sophie about Zodiac Names:

Julie: Tell us about Zodiac Names.

Sophie: Yeah, absolutely. So most baby names sites, and when we think about baby names and Zodiac signs, we go immediately to what is the zodiac sign of my baby. And so that’s an interesting way to think about it. You could give your child a name that makes sense, given their zodiac sign. But it’s also hard to predict. Some babies are born on a cusp, some babies come early or late, and you don’t really know what zodiac sign your child is going to be born under. So it’s something you can plan for but only up to a certain extent.

We have found what actually makes a bigger difference in how people name their babies is the parents’ zodiac sign. So we’ve really flipped this on its head. And we’re looking at what are parents naming their babies based on the parents’ zodiac sign. And how that affects their choice and how they approach the baby name process.

So we’ve broken it down by all 12 astrological signs and figured out okay, what do parents of each sign look for in a name? How are they going about this? And not only that but how do you interact with a partner because baby naming often takes place between two people? And if you have opposing zodiac signs, that can be really challenging. Or, maybe you have two really compatible signs, and this works well for you. So we’ve broken that down too on our zodiac names feature where you can see a big breakdown of how you name a baby and then go into the combination of you and your partner and how those signs work together.

Julie: Would you say that parents need to be super into astrology to use the tool?

Sophie: No, absolutely not. All you need to know is your sun sign. You can Google your birthday and figure that out. And then you’ll have your sign and you can go directly to that page for your zodiac sign and the same with your partner. But you don’t really need to know anything beyond that.

Julie: Have there been any celebrity couples where you’ve successfully predicted their baby’s name?

Sophie: Yeah, absolutely. I have a pretty good hit rate with the with the Baldwin babies They’ve got a trend going. A very specific set of names. I started predicting celebrity babies about seven years ago and so that was post-Carmen. But for the rest of their kids, I think I’ve gotten all of them besides two. So that’s a pretty good rate.

Other topics covered in the interview…

  • Sophie analyzes our kids’ names along with our zodiac signs and our husbands’ signs, too.
  • Sophie shares her favorite celebrity baby names.
  • And, Sophie tells us about her dream celebrity couple to work with.

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