PART 5! Series: Labor? Easy. Getting into my old jeans? Not so much.



Hey y’all! It’s been 8 days since I went dairy-free, and I must say…it’s working. I’m so excited that changing my diet has helped with the spit-up and reflux of my two month old bundle o’ joy! But let’s get one thing straight – part of me is super disappointed. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that around day 5 I figured it was a loss cause and I should just start shoving ice cream – the real stuff – in my mouth. But, I held off because I knew that it could take up to 10 days. Then day 6 happened and she only spit up twice. Then day 7…once. If she was super fussy along with the spit up and reflux, I wouldn’t be as sad about giving up all the ice cream and yogurt goodness, but she’s totally fine. Trust me. Many, MANY times I have thought to myself “Meh. It’s just spit up. Is it really worth depriving myself of ALL the yummy things?”
You know what? It is. Just because she’s not fussy now doesn’t mean that she’ll go on with reflux and it never causing her discomfort. As a mom you always want what’s best for your child. So ‘Tofutti‘ ice cream it is! So, am I losing weight on this dairy free diet? Well, I haven’t even weighed myself this week. Not because I’m lazy and just not feeling it this week, but because I’m allowing myself a week of transition before I hop on that scale. No, I’m not eating ice cream and pounds of yogurt. But I AM eating everything else that’s dairy free. I’m adjusting, and that’s ok. I’ll jump back on that lovely scale and continue with the numbers game next week. For now? I’m just happy that I’ve made the change and that my daughter is reaping the benefits!



    • Ben & Jerry’s… Oh how I miss that scrumptious little pint-of-heaven!

      …and I’m glad you’re enjoying the journey. Because sometimes
      I just want to sit in the corner and eat chocolate bars all day… 😉

    • I have only tried Tofutti ice cream which (from what I can tell) is made from almond milk. I took the tiniest bite imaginable and was not that impressed. Perhaps some Herseys syrup will help the taste?! 😉

      I have yet to try coconut ice cream but will give it a try!

      Thanks for reading and for the comment!


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