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On the May 14 episode of SNL (episode 20 of season 47 to be exact) Selena Gomez made a joke in her monologue about how she’d like to find a BF while hosting the show. Honestly, I could see her with Andrew Dismukes – can someone make that happen? Maybe Aristotle Athari, I think they’d be cute together, too. But anyway, this is something I’ve actually been thinking about covering ever since we did the Ryan Reynolds dating episode. So, when Selena brought it up I was like, “Okay, we’re def going to cover this!” So, we obviously all know about Kim and Pete… but I’m not sure either of us really knows all of the couples that met and dated as a result of SNL. It’s A LOT (I mean, obviously, the show has been on for 47 freaking seasons and have you heard about the after-parties?!?) So, let’s get into it.

The Couples

Let’s start by going old school… (There’s probably a lot more than these from the 70s and 80s, but these are the ones whose legends have lasted.)

1. Carrie Fisher and Dan Akroyd

Dan and Carrie met on the set of SNL in 1980 but they fell in love on the set of The Blues Brothers. Relationship status: Not together, obvi, she died in 2016 but they were at one time engaged and they remained close friends until her death.

2. Carrie Fisher and Paul Simon

Carrie actually broke off her engagement to Dan Akroyd to get back together with Paul Simon who she also met on the set of Saturday Night Live in 1977. Paul and Carrie married in 1983. Relationship status: divorced in 1984 after one year of marriage.

3. Gilda Radnor and Bill Murray

Radner, who was the first cast member to ever be hired for Saturday Night Live. She and  Murray dated in the early 70s when they both starred on SNL. Relationship status: No longer together. After her death in 1989 from cancer, Murray credited Gilda with influencing his ability to be confident in Hollywood. Let’s move on to some of our serial daters, you know, the ones who use SNL as their own personal dating service…. So, obvi

4. Cazzie David and Pete

So, Cazzie may be most known as Larry David’s daughter or Pete’s ex, but her book No One Asked For This, is actually really good. Cazzie and Pete met on the set of SNL when Larry was hosting in February 2016. Relationship status: Dumped for Ariana Grande in May of 2018 (Did I miss anything? Post – she gives the full ass story in her book btw)

5. Ariana Grande and Pete

Pete and Ari first met in May of 2016 when she hosted SNL. At the time, they were both in other relationships. In May of 2018, they were both fresh off of breakups and got together quickly. They were engaged less than a month later. Relationship status: Engagement called off after less than 4 months.

6. Kim and Pete

Kim and Pete smooched in a skit on SNL in October of 2021. The rumors that they were dating began to swirl by late October and the relationship was confirmed on Instagram in mid-November. Relationship status: Still dating after 10 months!

7. January Jones and Jason Sudeikis

Jason and January met in November 2009 when she hosted SNL and began dating in 2010. Relationship status: Split in January 2011 after just about a year together.

8. Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis

Met at SNL’s finale in 2011, but they didn’t date until six months later. They became engaged in January 2013 but never married. Relationship status: Split in November 2020 after 9 years together and 2 kids. She’s now dating Harry Styles and there could have been some shady overlap. And serial dating isn’t just for the boys, let us not forget about….

9. Lindsey Shookus and Ben Affleck

(I completely forgot about her and this relationship until I saw her talking to Kim on the Kardashians episode where she hosted SNL – then I was like, whoa that’s a flashback.) While split from but still in the process of divorcing Jennifer Garner, Ben began dating Lindsey, a producer at SNL in 2017 (though some inside sources claim they began an affair in 2014 while both were still married – she was married to a fellow SNL producer.) They met on the set of SNL in  May of 2013. Relationship status: They dated for one year, from 2017-2018. Rekindled in 2019 and broke up for good in later 2019.

10. Lindsey Shookus and Jon Hamm

Not long after splitting from Affleck, Lindsay sparked dating rumors with Jon Hamm whom she also met on the set of SNL Relationship status: Just a fling, it didn’t last Speaking of Jon Hamm…

14. Elizabeth Moss and Fred Armisen

Elizabeth Moss and Fred Armisen met on the set of SNL in 2009 while Elizabeth’s Mad Men costar, Jon Hamm was hosting. Relationship status: Divorced. They married very quickly after meeting and divorced in 2010 after only 8 months together. She has since said some pretty harsh things about how weird he was in interviews. A few more to note (who are still together)…

11. Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader

Anna and Bill first met, reportedly, when she visited the set of SNL in 2009. They both appeared in Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe in 2010, but they only began dating after they filmed Noelle in 2019 (gross fact, they played siblings in the movie.) Relationship status: Literally last night as I was researching this it was reported that they broke up after 2 years of dating!

12. Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost

This couple began dating in May 2017, they became engaged in 2019, and they married in 2020. They have 1 child together. They first met on the set of SNL when she hosted in 2006 (while married to Ryan Reynolds. She says she doesn’t remember meeting him until 2010. Began dating following her second time hosting SNL in 2017. Relationship status: Married with a baby – named Cosmo!

13. Emma Stone and Dave McCary

This couple first met in December 2016 when Emma hosted SNL. Dave is an SNL writer and segment director. They began dating in early to mid-2017, became engaged in December 2019, and were married in September 2020. They welcomed their first child together in 2021 Relationship status: Happily married with a baby! The funny ladies can pick up hotties, too, just look at…

15. Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson

This couple met on the set of SNL in 2000 when Paul’s former girlfriend Fiona Apple performed on the show. If you don’t know, Paul Thomas Anderson is a director famous for There Will be Blood and more. Relationship status: Happily married for more than 16 years and they have 4 kiddos together!

Top Takeaway

Funny guys can get it, not just the super public ones, but the nerdy-looking comedy writers, too.

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