10 Hairdos That Will Please Your Princess



before after hair2

See my daughter’s “before” hair picture?? Unfortunately, this is a daily occurrence at my house! We used to have some pretty epic hair battles that more than once left us both in tears. Because her hair is so curly, it needs to be done pretty much every day or she will get some nasty knots.

My daughter is pretty strong-willed about how it should look and exactly what style we are going for that day, so over the past couple of years I’ve been able to come up with a good array of styles that are not only quick but super cute!

The most important function of a hairdo, for me, is that it pulls it out of her face and doesn’t require her to fuss with it all day. Second is that it is quick and gets us in and out of the bathroom without a tantrum. To head off any potential problems, we usually discuss what kind of hairdo we will be going for that day. This gives us a chance to come to a compromise and to pick out any fancy accessories we may want to use. Bows are big but headbands are becoming quite popular as well! Before I do any kind of style, I wet her hair with a spray bottle and then add whatever styling product I may need. We usually use some kind of leave in conditioner and a light mousse. Ouidad products are our favorite curly specific products!

Below are a few of our favorite hairdos!

flor smile
Easy Piggies side part
flor dance1
Easy Piggies (turned messy buns) middle part

1. Easy piggies

Start by sectioning out a portion in the front of the hair. If your daughter has a side part, part as shown in the first picture. If your daughter has a middle part, part as shown in the second picture. Secure with an elastic. If your daughter has a middle part split the pony tail into two pieces, one piece will go toward each piggie. For a side part, the pony tail will go toward whatever side it is already on. Optional: add a bow.

Side Twist
school pictures 1
Deep Side Twist

 2. Side twist

Simply twist hair back away from face. You can twist a little bit or a good portion of hair to change the look. Secure with elastic. Optional: add a bow to hide elastic.

crown braid
Crown Braid
crown twist
Crown Twist

3. Crown braids or twists

Divide the front  section of the hair into two portions. You can secure the two portions with an elastic or not. Braid or twist the two sections separately and then join them together with an elastic forming a crown around your child’s head. Adding a bow or bobby pin to the back helps to keep it secure and keep the crown from flipping forward.

Intricate Looking Braids

4. Intricate Looking braids

This looks hard but it is pretty simple. It takes a little longer than the previous hairstyles but not much. First divide the top section of the hair into two portions and secure with elastics. Divide each piggie into three portions and braid. Your child may need to hold the first piggie as you work on the other braids or you can secure it loosely with a clip. When you have finished all six braids weave them together using a simple basket weave. Divide the rest of the hair and gather the braids and loose hair into two piggies.

messy buns
Messy Buns

 5. Messy Buns

Part hair however you choose. Divide the rest of the hair into two sections and start to form into piggies. Before the last pass of the elastic catch the hair in half.

Fancy Elastics

6. Fancy Elastics

Start by parting hair down the middle. Gather in two pigtails. Part out the next section and add the first pigtail to the second and so forth. You can stop half way or continue all the way down the scalp.

faux rapunzel hair
Faux Rapunzel Hair

7.  Faux Rapunzel Hair

Another one that looks fancy yet is simple.  Gather the top portion of the hair into a pony tail toward one side. Braid or twist and secure with an elastic. Gather the remaining portion of the hair to the side and add the first ponytail to the second. Braid or twist the rest of the way down. The main point of the style is to make it seem like the braid or twist is continuous. Hide the elastics where the two ponytails meet with flowers.

cinderella hair
Faux Cinderella Hair

8. Faux Cinderella Hair

Gather hair into a high pony tail. Roll the ponytail forward and create a half bun. Pin into place. Add a bow in the back to hide elastic. Add a headband for an authentic Cinderella look.

Twist Piggies

 9. Twist Piggies

Another simple take on piggies. Divide hair into two sections. Twist as far back as you like and secure with elastics. I like doing both half her head and her whole head for two different looks!

straight 4
Opposite Hair

10. Opposite Hair

Looking for something really different?? Straighten your curly girl’s hair OR curl your straight haired girl’s hair. If you don’t do it very often it can be really shocking to them. This was my daughter’s first time very ever getting her hair straightened and she thought it was a HOOT.

Good luck mamas and until next time, stay beautiful! 


  1. Love the twists! But how do you get the hair to stay in place with just an elastic? Mine will pull away from the head, without something else to pin it down…?
    Thanks for sharing!


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