1.9 Sweet Haircut, Bro!


Oh No! So Your Kid Cut Their Own Hair

In a recent episode of Whose Kid is That?!? Val shared that her 5-year-old cut the front of his own hair… just before school photos!

It turns out, Julie had a similar story about her then 7-year-old cutting his own hair just before being ring bearer in his uncles wedding.

Why do kids do this? Why do they cut their own hair

Honestly, we don’t know… but we asked some of our contributors if their kids have done the same and found out that most of our kids also hid their hair, too after cutting it. Kids are crazy and unpredictable


I drove home from work one day and my husband met me in the driveway. He looked panicked and I thought something was seriously wrong. He handed me a napkin full of hair. Our 5-year-old had cut one side of the front of his hair! After he cut it, he hid it under his kitchen set in the playroom. What did we get sent home from school the next day? You guessed it! School picture order forms {facepalm}


My 7-year-old (at the time) had decided to grow out his hair for one whole year. After eleven months, he chopped off the right, front to side of his long curls. This was the weekend before he was set to be ring bearer in my brother’s wedding! Because we live in a rural area and it was the weekend before school was starting, we struggled hard to get him an appointment at the barber to have it fixed. He hid his cut off curls under our couch and I swear I STILL find curls on our rug eight months later!


So my daughter (now 9) when she was 3 cut a chunk of her hair because she wanted bangs and then hid the hair under her dresser and cut all her dolls hair, too. This past weekend I cut her bangs and she flinched and now they are uneven and too short.


When my 10-year-old was in kindergarten, she came home one afternoon with very noticeable bangs on one side of her head. I asked her if she cut her hair, and she swore up and down that someone else cut her hair. When I prodded her further she finally admitted to it. The next day I had a nice, yet comical discussion with her teacher about how she managed to cut her hair with Fiskars with 2 adults in the room and somehow not get caught. She’s a sneaky one I tell you.

To hear the full discussion about how our kids cut their own hair, check out the latest episode of Whose Kid is That?!? with Julie and Val. You can listen on Apple or Spotify. Don’t forget to subscribe so you know exactly when each new episode is released!


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